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make it do the anime slice thing and they just fall in halfs

help im lost i got the witch but i dont know where to go!

all the physics are wrong and its not fun

I saw the video on how to make the game it's really cool. I like hearing about how you made the games bugs! :)

this is a wonderful game I lost my dog  a few years back and still miss him it helps that this game exists. Thank you so much!

Really fun game love it would like to see more characters and even powers or maybe a shop so there is more use for gold! Really fun!

99 sooo close to 100

must get 666 after I will someday

got to level 95 my goal is 666

I almost got to lv 40 has a level one dude

I go the 4 block ending too sad i couldn't take a picture fast enough

i've all but one ending help! it is the 4th to last from left to right on the lights