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Super Bernie World

Join Bernie's movement and transform the United States in this free retro 2D platformer. · By Eniko

IDK what to put here...

A topic by Username7994 created Jun 25, 2020 Views: 130 Replies: 2
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Hello Developer/Creator!

I wanted to ask, if it's possible to change the controls?


Because my X,C,V,M and Q keys are broken (I'm using a Virtual Keyboard right now)


Sorry, it's not, however if you have access to any PC compatible gamepad you can play the entire game on that

The worst situation is here: I dont have a PC compatible gamepad/controller... my friend has a  X-Box I controller, but he will not allow me to take it for a day, because he plays Fortnite everyday, and he lives 3 kilometres away from me.

Short version: I dont have a gamepad or controller.