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I love how straightforward yet detailed this is. Seeing someones behind the scenes marketing game plan (Yep, felt cold and gross) is very useful for someone like me (And would assume many others) who are just sort of trying things and hoping they work.


You all seem nice and interesting!

I just found this place a few weeks ago and only now made an account, I think what finally convinced me was the jams page. I was looking at it and my first thought was a very genuine, 'I could spend the rest of my life here'.

Anyway, I've been making games for about the past 10+ years, primarily in Unity with C#. I'm much more of a designer/programmer than an artist, but since I almost exclusively make games by myself I've picked up a few tricks here and there. I'd love to talk with people about game design, play test each others stuff, or really whatever comes to mind. I'm not great with social media, but I do have a twitter page, @MeantGames , and I do intend to be a little more active on it. You can also just email me, it's the same name

Dang this is getting long, but I do have to say, I live pretty close to Portland, Oregon and am partly a part of (and trying to get more into) the Portland Independent Games Squad and it's been very cool to see games by the people I've met there doing so well here.