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The 64 bit Mac version is a .exe. Also I am unable to use my 360 controller running the 32 bit version.

Spelunky and FEZ are two of my favorites as well.

I've always wanted to get into Monster Hunter (I even got a PS2 modem for the first one, that and the weird online co-op Resident Evil game) - the Souls series is one of my favorites and I recognize kinship at least in the combat system between the two series', but I've never really been able to stick to MH.

I think I would have been around four years old. I distinctly remember playing before I entered Kindergarten. I remember being at my grandparents for some family-get-together, and my uncle was living with them at the time had a TV and NES hooked up in a side room to avoid having to interact with the rest of the family. I watched him play and I recall watching him bomb a mummy and get a key.

My parents are gamers as well, so we picked up an NES pretty early on and I was able to convince my uncle to loan us Zelda after he had beaten it. Racing through it against my parents and then NG+ is still one of my fondest gaming memories.

For me its probably the original Legend of Zelda. There was no other game that sparked such a sense of wonder, adventure, and discovery until I played Dark Souls decades later.

Hello, my name is Justin and I am a software engineer from San Francisco, CA US. I've done a few games in Unity, libgdx, and Haxe, and am currently working on a strategy game that I've been paper prototyping for a while. Nice to meet you all!

Cool, I'll look forward to checking out your work!

I love the look of this. Any chance you'll add an osx build?