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I got soft-locked in the ruins,however, the creativity really shows. If the jump was a bit lower and a little polish this game will be super fun

An Absolutely solid game

thank you for checking it out!

I had fun, but gluegun and BANG came up too often. Plus lazer sometimes didn't register. Still fun though. also I saw the final secret but couldn't reach it because I found all the die

 I was super confused my first play-through, but after I read the rules I had more fun

A bit hard to get the key on bad rolls, but otherwise very fun

The later puzzles really had me thinking 5/5

No dice but I like the rules

Effects are a bit bright but great game

Graphics are top tier, Enemy's are too fast, especially since you lose your die quickly too. Maybe if you tapped space bar it uses the effect but you won't lose the dice

Blue died by his own trap 5/5

Maybe a reroll every 2 swings would be best, otherwise great game

Love the look, game works great...until it doesn't. I can't finish the first level because of some bug on the enemy's turn. Plus it keeps making me go into fullscreen when I leave. After like 2 bug fixes it'll be a great game

I pray for everyones safety out there

I Just have folders of cool gamedev gifs too, just hardly any games 😅. These are awesome

The game is honestly addicting, I couldn't move or use any options once I tried using the wooden sword, but besides that, a great game

Thank you for playing it!!!!

A game I made for 2016 MLK day

I really love the music and gameplay

The game play is so much fun, add a collectable or 2 and a ramp and it would be amazing

Thank you for trying it out! I'll def try and use your advice

Ack, my bad. Still working on everything. Use the mouse to drag around the ship


I knew absolutely nothing. I changed the assets on one of the many templates, added some more game mechanics. And slaped a 17$ animation on it. then paid 80$ to submit it to Indie-cade. (It was the first thing I bought with my first paycheck). So I guess I'm a little excited to try again...maybe


These are super helpful!!

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It's so addicting!


Heyo I'm Prince! I'm trying to be a great indie game developer!!! uh...i haven't really made anything noteworth yet XD

BUT i'm also trying to start a Webcomic. Uh...yeah....BYE!