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Trideka Designs

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Hiya, and thanks!

Good point. I'll take that into consideration.

I'll state that all my current assets are available for commercial use prior to this statement and for the foreseable future. If you need something official for things on your end, let me know.

-Jess / Trideka

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Love the huge variety of styles going on here.

This is for a potential portfolio piece. Going to make something hugely inspired by Interstate '76, but likely not a full game. This art is just some character exploration =) Stereotypical and kinda tropey, I know..

Hi, I'm Jess, otherwise known as Trideka. I've yet to ever finish a game, but I do make and sell art assets. I'm an all around generalist, with skills in painting backgrounds, modeling, texturing, animating, and with some skill in programming. Been at it since I was a teenager (20 years ago!) and always striving to improve.