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Concept Art Thread

A topic by LivingDreamEnt created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 1,974 Replies: 17
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As title states, figured we'd have a place to share our concepts for our games. Here's some of my team's concepts for our survival game in the works...

[Region 1: The Clearing] is the surrounding area around the cabin and the safest to travel to as you can quickly get back to the cabin. But it lacks resources and you will soon need to venture out.

[Region 2: The Bridge] is to the south of region one. Region two is more abundant in resources than region one but also has many poisonous plants that will do you harm if eaten. There may be a possible route over the frozen river if you manage to find a way up the cliffs further south.

[Region 3: The River] is the frozen river that splits the map in half. The region allows you to cross over to the fourth region but usually comes at great risk. The ice is thin and can easily shatter, sending you to a cold grave beneath the ice.

[Region 4: Deadly Paradise] is the largest and most resource abundant section of the map, however it is hard to travel to and from this region so although it may provide a lot of resources to help you survive, it may also be the final straw in what it takes to end your life. The region begins on the east side of the frozen river. The only way to get across to it is by crossing the river or by creating a bridge in the southern section of the map. The region ends at the base of the eastern mountains. Strangely despite being in the middle of a harsh winter during a brutal storm, this region of the map is warm and alive. Why that is the case, is yet to be discovered.

That does it for me for now but I would love to see everyone else's concepts and learn a bit more about their games.

Keep creating,

Dakota of LDE


Looking gorgeous! Lovely palettes~

I'm doing some early character design work for my next card game, a bluffing game inspired by Desperate Housewives. Visually, I'm pulling heavily from the UPA short Rooty Toot Toot, which has just the kind of stylish and mischevious look I want for my game.


a bluffing game? niiice. love your art style as always. can't wait to be able to support your next card game.


this looks super cool! very stylish


Here's some concept work and art studies from my current project, Roses Will Rise

Early title screen logo, it kept changing.

Early hand drawn character studies of Firalda, the main protagonist.

I do use pixel art to design characters, it's an easy way for me to make character silohuettes and find ways to differentiate them from another.

I'm using Hexels for the final work, but since it's still an experimental art method the pic above is not final art. I was trying to find a workable way to translate traditional pixels into triangular pixels (trixels). I was humbled to find that this particular piece (and the skull above) caught the eye of Hexel's developer when I was using its beta.

Looks great! I like how you recreatd her in so many styles. Really cool idea.


Thank you! I was at a very early stage of the game, so I was looking for a design that would stick.

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Love the huge variety of styles going on here.

This is for a potential portfolio piece. Going to make something hugely inspired by Interstate '76, but likely not a full game. This art is just some character exploration =) Stereotypical and kinda tropey, I know..

I like the characters, very diverse in just how they look. I wonder what they will act like :D


More concept art from our team :D This time from our artist Tony who's working on some hub areas for the game...

This area is called "The Hollow Tree". as you can see it's based around this dead Oak tree that is hollowed out at the center (thus providing someplace to take cover from the storm)

Now as we started working on it we were discussing what story takes place around it. What will the player have to think about as they're here besides simply surviving another day? Much of our game is about not only surviving in this tough world but discovering what this world is and who lives or lived in it. In this case, what battle took place that left these bandits around and this knight frozen in place?

We'll leave that for you to find out ;) Oh and here's my current idea of how to integrate it into the journal in the game (Val writes notes on what she shes and experiences throughout the game in a journal, which is also how you save the game)


some character concept art of game i'm working on. first one is of the main character, a valk unit. and the second one's name is 'chain'. don't mind them. i'll post the yellow one when that's all finalized.


From Stellar Stars :P

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Game looks cute. I wish you luck on the Greenlight campaign :D Oh and the art...strangely not cute for that kind of game but good none the less.

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After making the original, text-based version of Glittering Light, I felt the need to have some sort of artistic rendition of the game's environment, both as a cover and for inspiration. The colors ended up different in the game, for practical reasons, but the mood is still there. So, I guess the experiment was a success. What do you think?

Glittering Light

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i really like the color in this--how the bottom purple of the water/floor plays against the very bright yellow/brown of the pillars

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Some of the concept art we used for our game, I hope you like it!

Sven Sleeping In Clouds


Some concept art for Armed with Wings Rearmed

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That's a test for a little RP. Please give me advice about environment!