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More concept art from our team :D This time from our artist Tony who's working on some hub areas for the game...

This area is called "The Hollow Tree". as you can see it's based around this dead Oak tree that is hollowed out at the center (thus providing someplace to take cover from the storm)

Now as we started working on it we were discussing what story takes place around it. What will the player have to think about as they're here besides simply surviving another day? Much of our game is about not only surviving in this tough world but discovering what this world is and who lives or lived in it. In this case, what battle took place that left these bandits around and this knight frozen in place?

We'll leave that for you to find out ;) Oh and here's my current idea of how to integrate it into the journal in the game (Val writes notes on what she shes and experiences throughout the game in a journal, which is also how you save the game)