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Graham Ranson

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We use the Corona SDK. I've used it personally since 2010 and then when I formed Glitch in 2012 it made sense to continue using it. It's strictly 2D ( well there's some perspective stuff you can mess with to get 2.5d sorta ) and uses Lua. It's lovely to work in ( both for prototypes and full games ) and has a fantastic community. -

We're just finishing up our 6th point and click game, this one is called A Short Tale. It was meant to be quite a short game ( both in gameplay and development time ) but as always, it's grown in both those aspects.

Hello everyone, my name is Graham and I am 50% of Glitch Games.

We make first person point and click games using the Corona SDK. We currently have 5 out and are near to finishing up our 6th.

All can be seen here.

I'm also on Twitter, and so is Glitch.