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Hey I changed the way the grinding works! Now L1 is for grinding on the LEFT FOOT and R1 is for grinding on the RIGHT FOOT. It makes it a little tricky to think about when riding fakie but I think it fixes the issues with confusion!

Don't be sorry, this is a great shot!

I love that

Thanks leafo! I'm excited that you're interested in the project! I am really excited about the progress I am making, and I can't wait to have a playable demo to get people even more excited about it too :):)

do i really have to get six keys?

Thank you for making and maintaining this platform for people to share their work in video games without a whole bunch of money and without a conventionally "completed" product. You're doing important work!

The controls are representative of how finicky it is to be a growing young magpie. Congrats on getting all the points, u r 2 cool now!

Hey, You are super chill, and I really enjoyed you!
Love from daffodil

I am working on filing my taxes, and I am a bit stuck wondering how I am supposed to claim income made from sales and donations here at itch on my tax return. Anybody have any experience with this? Is it "Self Employment"? Is it "Other Income"?

Please let me know if you have any experience with this.

Love you all,


I really enjoyed the bird. Such a wonderful voice clip for them!

Just got 207

Sure are!

Could you link me to a photo and/or video demonstration of the type you are requesting?

Great game, wow

Not sure what's up with that spot, I'll look into it.

I can definitely make the music and audio all .ogg as well, but that one will take a bit of time.

Thanks for the comprehensive feedback! I hope you can still enjoy the experience amidst the weird issues.

Incredible game, and really great use of layering a simple mechanic to ramp up the challenge. Tier 3's night mode is insane

Okay good to know. I'm aware of a number of the rendering quirks you mentioned, and the ones you mentioned in the 64-bit build are there in the windows builds as well. I'll attempt to address a few of them moving forward. I have no idea what causes the 32-bit linux build to have audio issues but I'll look into it.

Where were you able to get outside of the map?

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There you go, friend. If it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't have fixed those bugs quite so soon, and wouldn't have provided a Linux build. Give yourself a big pat on the back! And let me know if you run into any more issues trying to get it to run.

I'm on it. I'll try and fix a few bugs in the process as well. Thanks for taking an interest!

Great work! I always love seeing unique visual styles made very simply. Really great atmosphere in this, and the sound design is pretty good too! I'm excited to see your work moving forward

Apologies. Try running the game in the "Express" graphics setting. If that doesn't work, I may have some alternatives on their way.

hello beautiful entities

Oh! Okay, noted. I'll fix this for the next update. Sorry about that!

The kind words are appreciated. We plan on it!