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what a privilege to receive such a response of something i was inspired to build

thanks, this was an attempt at doing a  kind of "cover" of an iconic old animated short called Le Ravissement De Frank N. Stein

I'm grateful to have shared in your experiences in such a beautiful and honest way. I have experiences not unlike yours shared this game and it's comforting to know I'm not alone in my struggles and my trauma.

You're not alone, you can and will be loved, and I hope and trust that you will come to let yourself be loved.

I look forward to more of your stories and more of your games

<3 <3 <3


i feel affinity playing this

Keep your eye out next dev build, buddy

im sorry im not sure why this would be happening, i have similar specs and the current build works on my computer

Did you extract the zip file before launching the game?
Try running in administrator mode?
Try launching from the Itch App?

im grasping at straws here, let me know if any of this works

i love the way this looks
i got my striped purple sausage open face sandwich stuck atop the fridge

im sorry, what are your specs? what operating system?

NEW Floex in this release?? :O I'm excited to play and hear!

This is incredibly nice to hear, thank you so much for sharing <3

hey thanks so much for the kind words! really wonderful and motivating hearing about you enjoying the game and  that it really clicked for you.

i also feel the walltap goal is too hard and lacks flow in the current builds as well. i plan to take another pass on that section of the level, so look forward to that, and lots of tuning here and there all over whats already there ,  and more new stuff  thats not

yeah I figure if yall are here for early access, that's the stuff that's cool to see! unfinished levels, different layouts, prototyped mechanics

Heyy, yeah there's a discord here:

and i *usually* post on the street uni x twitter when new dev builds drop:

Thanks for your interest!! I appreciate you <3

Hey Jay_227
I'm really sorry that you were hoping to see onions in the game but couldn't find any onions.
I promise I will make this right. Look forward to an update that will include one onion some time in the future,  just for you

blessed to have taken part in this ritual

seems like it makes it harder / take longer for everyone else afterwards to hack into the info to either save or get info

What a treat!
A brain bubbling delight!
Like opening a bottle of sparkling water on a humid summer day!

Everything about this is immaculate

Eyy everyone's here!!

Striking workers deserve our support

Recently in BC the transit workers union striked and ended up getting proper break times and a fair pay raise out of it after months of back and forth while the transit company paid for misinformation campaigns trying to shine a negative light on the bus drivers and other transit workers.

France strikes often, as we all should when we are faced with injustice (in my opinion)

i love the hard lean into pixel filtering

(1 edit)

An actual PS1 release is basically not possible.

Brian Provinciano basically started writing RCR as an NES port of GTA3, so from the beginning he had portability and old hardware in mind.

I am using the unity engine, which is portable for modern consoles, and I do plan eventually to release on consoles, but is not straightforward to port to older hardware. My sort of ultimate goal here is a modern console release (Switch, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series Whatever), but that is contingent on budget, on time, and some other factors. I'll try my hardest to make that happen though.

The only thing  I can really promise at this point is that I will continue working on the PC / Mac / Linux versions, with eventual console releases as the target.

I have never released a game on consoles before and there's a whole lot of paperwork and beaurocracy I have to deal with to get there, which I plan to do.

Gotta finish the game first though!

Thanks for your support and engaging with the game!! Let me know if you have any questions or anything like that, and please let me know what you think when you get a chance to play!!

<3 Daff

You should release it on itch too, why not!

Someone replied to another comment i made on here so I found myself looking at the other comments. call it "necro posting" but people continue to post about steam on itch like this, and Noita is releasing proper real soon, so theres a lot of people looking at these comments now comparatively. Less than a year is a very short time in the grand scheme of htings.

Bottom line is, people should stop expecting that games you purchase on itch come with steam keys. This is a different store. Just like it would be ridiculous to comment on a PS4 release and say "just so you know, it doesn't come with a copy of the xbox version. If you want the xbox version go to the xbox store  here: [link to game on xbox store]" It doesn't make sense to expect this. It is also not even close to universally true that multiplayer games on steam don't share servers with DRM free releases etc.

Why are you so desperate for a steam key? Buying the game here gives you the ability to play it just as well and keep it up to date etc?

Well yeah, itch isn't steam, the game's page said nothing about giving you a steam key. This is a different store. In any other storefront it would be considered strange to comment on something to tell people to buy it somewhere else. How come this is deemed reasonable by players on itch?

This is a different store. If it doesn't say you get a copy on steam then there's no reason to believe you should get a copy on steam via an itch purchase. Itch is better than steam anyways. You get it DRM free, (which means you can launch it in steam if you really want) you can keep it up to date via the itch app, and you get to more directly support the developers. What more do you want? What does steam have that you can't already do with this version of the game?

COVID and some other stuff going on in my life have slowed down development compared to the pace I was working at before
It's still happening, one way or another. No idea when it will be 'finished. Currently  I don't plan to release it on steam. I dream of releasing it on consoles, Switch is possible and would be really cool but I've never released a console game before and solving those challenges is a project of it's own

Thanks for asking and caring, it is motivating to know people are still looking forward to this as much as I am.

really really love this game

impeccable experience and I can tell I've only just scratched the surface

are you aware that extra mouse buttons aren't bindable in the controls options? (in my case the thumb buttons on the side) would be cool if this was possible, i would love to kick with mouse 4

I wish my groceries were free!

First of all, you're asking me to make a completely different kind of video game. (One I'd love to see, but a completely different one at that)
Second of all, the Skateboarding sim Session has options to simplify the controls and make them single stick / more like Skate, so you should definitely try it again if that's what you're after!


Every PS1 extreme sports game inspired big time!!

Incredible... just the right size for the track with some really moving imagery through the aesthetics and framing

Whoa so Mall Quest is back? Were you the original creator or is this an inspired fan remake?

Brilliant work but you already know I feel this way!