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Extreme sports at their best, on one wheel! · By daffodil

skate 4 - ps2 style clone

A topic by MrTek created May 22, 2020 Views: 399 Replies: 2
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If you make a "clone", with physics and stuff (Maybe multiplayer?), I'll be ready to pay full price for the game. Skate 4 is one of the best console game, and there's NO game nearly as fun on pc because all skateboard game on pc are too serious, and dont have either physics ,ragdoll, multiplayer or sandbox. It's just an idea c:


First of all, you're asking me to make a completely different kind of video game. (One I'd love to see, but a completely different one at that)
Second of all, the Skateboarding sim Session has options to simplify the controls and make them single stick / more like Skate, so you should definitely try it again if that's what you're after!

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