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np ^^ have a nice day

is this legit?! I would love to have a copy too, but if you dont want to its ok ^^

Of course, I'm just saying a shortcut to go from qwerty to azerty is very usefull ^^ and it's a great way to bodge your way through a lot of game :)

add a language in your windows settings and then when you want to switch to a qwerty layout you just have to press the win button and space and BOOM qwerty

It's SUPER usefull

really cool :o

awesome wtf

If you make a "clone", with physics and stuff (Maybe multiplayer?), I'll be ready to pay full price for the game. Skate 4 is one of the best console game, and there's NO game nearly as fun on pc because all skateboard game on pc are too serious, and dont have either physics ,ragdoll, multiplayer or sandbox. It's just an idea c:


you're funny ^^ keep it up

this is really cool!

I like it, it's funny ^^

this remind me of robot arena 2, best game ever

I really NEED more of it

I need more interactions and maybe make it play alone in his corner, like a nintendogs kinda thing maybe idk, btw awsome xD LOVE IT

really mazed btw ^^ how did you make it?

Just try to draw with this it's... really fun x'D (use the mouse button to draw, not spacebar)

Do you think you could make other maps?