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Hey i played this game for my channel, honestly its so sad 

part 1 - 

part 2 - 

Hey, your game was in my new video

Hey your game was in my new video 

Hey i had to stop playing your game because i cut my leg open LMAO and i'm too scared of the sirens!

Hey i played your game for my channel!

thank you!

Hello, your game is in my video 

I understand this is probably your first game, one of many to come! i hope you can take constructive criticism, however well done for actually making a game as i've not even published any of the projects i've worked on because i'm too scared so i applaud

you for that! 

Hey i played your game for my channel!

yooooooooooooo this looks sick!

i do have a life you know lmao

Hey, my names kally-jaye :D i'm 25 and i'm one of them losers with a youtube channel

I play peoples games from this site and make playthroughs

check me out if you get bored! 

yo i'm excited and it takes time to produce stuff i understand!

can't wait!

Hello, please make this downloadable for windows

hi can you make that downloadable for windows?

I'm just randomly picking from the comment section x

oooooo i like the look of that!

haha in time!

oh shushhhh, i'll give you some feedback, even if i only play it for a minute or two :)

i'm willing to give everything a chance, i've uploaded a new video with peoples games in so i'll be doing another video probably towards mid/end of next week :D

will do!

thank you :D




Your game is in my latest video! 

Hello your game is in my new video! 

Hello your game is in my latest video 

congrats on releasing your game!

nice work man!


Thank you everyone that has commented so far! I've recorded my first video (first of many!) and it should be up by end of tomorrow/monday

haha thanks man! In the long run its a good thing because i'll be able to make a lot of videos!

Latest video from the game 'dead inside' i played from here.  

Hello there, i played your game for my channel!

thank you everyone thats posted so far, i'll be recording some tonight/tomorrow and the first video should be up next week!

niceee! will give it a go

will do!

hm i'm thinking of playing a load tomorrow night/friday night then uploading over the weekend :) x