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Very evocative and inspiring pack!

Hey! Yes you are right. It needs a bit more explanation. Part of the game was intended to be the discovery of the different combinations. So I won't explain them all ;)

Sorry to say, I am on the pico-8 token limit already, so almost no room for more content. But I will try to keep it updated.

Encounter tiles are: water tiles, cave tiles and grass tiles. Did this happen on any other tile?

Thank you for your comment! It should now be fixed.

So nice to see you entering this contest. Love the idea and theme! Is there a help command or a list of commands?

Tried to fix that glitch in the latest version. Thank you for pointing that out!

Thanks! I used Pico-8 to make this: It uses Lua for the scripting/coding.

Thank you for the kind words, Chris! I will fix the issues in the next version.

I don't think I will expand on this a lot in the future but I have ideas for a few minor upgrades(trainers, endgame goal...). I am also at the limit of Pico-8 tokens so I can not add too much more.

try again, it should work now :)

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Wow, you are totally right. I fixed that in the latest version.

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Greetings Humans! I am an emphatic music-robot from the planet germany. I love Ludum Dare, prototyping and creating small weird game. I also like discussing game design and problems, so talk to me on twitter if you like :)

I try to make games about the real world with my small studio Causa Creations together with @mercurylegba. We have released Totem's Sound on, a game featuring spirit animals, clams and tv commercials. We also have released Burn The Boards for mobile things.