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Nik Sudan

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What an amazing game!

The more interesting coloured fish spawn less frequently, but the chance of you having to get one increases the later you get in game. You may have just got some unlucky spawns though!

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words!

Thank you very much for your kind words about the game, and the amazing video! May you have many glorious Facebook chats with your new friends.

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Hello, I'm Nik Sudan. I enjoy making games, websites and music. I enjoy making pixelly games that focus on the fun factor more than anything. Currently working towards finishing my first commercial project - Grimstorm. My notable projects (unfortunately) include Super Squat Simulator, Soopah Doopah Poopah, and Protocol.

You can check out my portfolio to see a list of all my works, or follow me on Twitter to keep up with happenings.