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Thank you!




Very cool concept, looking forward to seeing it develop

beautiful in it's simplisity

Very pleasant. Music especially. I've lived in Halifax for almost 20 years and sometimes I'll find myself going down a street a different way than I ever had before for the first time. Weird feeling.

woo! did it in 4 seconds!

let's hope

haha thanks!. Wish I'd had more time to work on it, maybe I'll try to flesh it out more later. Needs some kind of end game.


haha what the hell VD commercial

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The police officer places your host under arrest for public nudity.


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oh that's a mind trip!

Love the zooming, scrolling backgrounds. Found a way to get it to run by itself so just sitiing back and watching the random background combinations while listening to the fun music.

Love how I'm actually the exhibit for the wall monsters.

That was lovely.

Hi anna!

Age 3X. Adam "who?" Hartling, during a long and courageous battle with life, has developed games as a hobby for the past few years. Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, he has spent many years working in IT related jobs. Adam is a loyal master to a cat that demands food at all times of the day. He enjoys making weird little games of various types and collecting pencils while travelling. He is also an avid member of the Halifax Game Collective.

Anyone wishing to remember Adam can leave messages of condolences on his twitter page.