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oh very cool! I'll have to check out your channel

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You're welcome! I also do not like big sudden jump scares, i like slow burn creepy stuff. If you have any game suggestions for the list please let me know!

Oh its public, i usually link to it around Halloween. Here you go

This was so good! Added to my jump scare free game list

thanks man

If I may, no horror game list is complete without:

Yeah, same here. I'm on a Windows 10 laptop. 

So cute, and nice there's no gore or jump scares. Evil spirits bring your pumpkin down to zero feels too harsh. Love the little pumpkin dude.

That was wild, great job!

Mercenary Maiden has such a creepy ending!

Thanks for the comments everyone! I've uploaded an corrected version that swaps the player 1/2 controls back to what they are supposed to be!

Ha! looks great, especially the bits from my game ;-)

Looks amazing!

Looks amazing! Could use a better way to explain controls before the game starts though.

Freaky! Great entry!

Like the incremental climber mechanic. Ice climber was one of my favorite nes games, nice to see it getting some love. Should of ended after 30 seconds though.

love the music! Simple but effecitve. Super Effective.

Looks great. Wasn't sure how to use the gears but then again I don't drive cars haha

love the stop motion use of action figures!

Will no one help end their perpetual torment?

Also, looks awesome!

Sorry to hear that Samaflange, There is a seperate Windows 8 compiler but I don't have W8 avalible to use it on.

Why can't rabbits and robots just get along? Looks great!

Some creepy human centipede type stuff there, very cool

So pink, so puffy, so glitchy. Love it

So dark, love it!

The music, the spinning, the magic!

That was incredible

Nice one!


Game seems to be missing an executable?

much obama!

Wins most animutational entry I've played yet!

No download?

Looks great. Could of used some sounds and music.

OTHER PLAYERS **************had to use the enter key on the number pad to start the game, not the enter key in the middle.

Much fight, many twin. Job good!

Very nice! Looks great, like the mutation of the bubble bobble theme.

Great music, controls a touch hard to get used to but then again I always sucked at Q*bert

Freaky and reeks of bootleg, good job