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Silversober - Lisa

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I cried after my second ending.
I love your games, your style, and this time, your writing. I've been slowly healing and recovering from depression, and your dialogues are very natural and raw.


Wonderful choice of music, I don't get tired of hearing it.

Writing is detailed and evocative. Just a few typos here and there ("an" instead of "and")

Interface is clear and usable, just had a bit of hesitation using the emotions system, I didn't know which lines were influenced by it or not.

Love the colour palette ^^

Aw merci beaucoup!!

Thanks a lot Eric 😊 

hi mirmaka! thank you a lot for trying the island and taking the time to write your comment!

It's the very first game I ever made. I used Bitsy ( by ledoux. The visuals are very limited (three colours, 8x8 pixels for objects and characters).
Idea after idea, I ended up keeping the essence of what I wanted to show, and expressed that I do have game ideas however I don't have the skills to create them, yet.

Absolutely love Butterfly Soup! I'd love to read more of these creators interviews!


beautiful and impressive! how did you manage the footprints? :O

I love the colours and the page's background! 

This game is a lot of firsts for me too :D
First game, first jam... Thank you for adding it to the Big List of Bitsy Games!

and the cat loves you back ^^

Thank you a lot for playing, it means a lot.

This is great, thank you for creating this really cute pack, makes me happy!

Such a good game, thank you for creating it!

I'm Lisa, I work with indie-crafty game studio Them Games in Paris
I do all things communication/press/marketing related! (also I study stuff)

Here on I look for games to put in lists. I love lists. So I slowly select, curate, classify things.
I've created the Jam Games List, which I update every 6 months because there are a lot of jams and I do it alone.

We've announced a new project, Yore: Slumbertime Fables, involving an old woman, an old house, a calm village, and many, many stories, most of which you will be the creator :D

There's a twitter and a facebook and an page!

See you and take care!