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Hi again. Small post this time. 

This is where I finally started thinking of ways for my proc gen to work. Visually wise.
Because the levels were all 16 tiles vertically, I started coming up with map keys for every level

Like if this tile is in this height use this tile. The gif above shows the baby steps of that process.
I never got around to making a small editor for this mapping, so most of it was done with ifs,elses,switches.

See ya next time.

Original art was alot more lofi than what i ended up with.

I always felt that this style looked cleaner but so much more generic. In the end the real reason i change the art style is lost somewhere in time. =( 

Here I started to really define the art for the game.  Mostly the animations of the player went from 2 frame walk cycles to a 8ish walk cycle

That's it for now see ya next time.

In Ultra Zultra,

Dash Punch the Evil Peak Society to stomp them from making errr'body into pigeons!

In Ultra Zultra you try to escape the "Nega-Jail" and stop the Evil Peak from turning humans into pigeons.

  1. Using a combination of wits and items, clear stages to reach them!
  2. Collect valuable gems fragments and exchange them for powers to pummel enemies into the ground.
  3. Punch Dash across deadly spikes.
  4. Double Jump across deadly spikes.
  5. Triple Jump across deadly spikes.
  6. Air Dash across deadly spikes. 
  7. Defeat The Peak Master and Save Errr'body man

Ultra Zultra is a platformer I've been working for a while now. Hoping to release soon.

About this devlog. I plan to post on how the game progress into the state it's in right now.  

The Look Back

During this stage i was still feel out the enemies.   There they are using the same sprite, because it would have been bad to make the actual enemy sprites without first knowing what they do, at least i think so.   You can also see what will become the coins (those gray squares) later on.

See you next time.

@Lumps_Plays   yea my axe physics and collisions weren't too great when i made the game he he but i just recently went back to redo the collisions/physics on the game, they should feel ALOT better now.

Cool, this game is really intense. he he

Ok the graphics are nice, the gameplay while a bit confusing it's still entertaining. I hope you continue working on it.

Really interesting concept! with a little bit of tweaking of the levels i think this would make an awesome game!

this is really addicting! needs a restart button though. As of this comment i can only get 4 asteroids

que bonito esta el juego, bastante trail and error pero pude ver mi escape xD (tome el long way para salir xD)

que bueno esta su juego! ese oso y su miel xD todos los animales quieren un tipo de comida simple (bananas, leafs, nuts, carrots) pero el oso quiere un JAR con miel xD me estaba muriendo de la risa no se como pero pude llegar a 9 monkeys ya con nueves el juego se pone hardcore he he (que bonitas estan la portraits de lo animales he he la del oso es mi favorita xD)

Mountain View
So the basic game play is to traverse procedurally generated spaces, collecting power ups and killing enemies

Mountain View
Using the tail like a grappling hook to get through the spaces.


This is Zultra
Zultra is a short plaformer, were you trying to reach the end of a simulation.
There are 30 levels to play and 11 comic pages to unlock.
The game is hard, but its mostly about remembering the levels.
You start at the left side of the screen, jump and dash your way to the right side of the screen.
Avoiding deadly things, anything that touches kills you and its a automatic level restart.

You can get it
"I'm looking for feedback on the game, how to improve or anything else"

<center>Mountain View</center>

I tried some new animations on the my dog protagonist, probably spent too much time on them though. And it kind of looks like the dog is animating backwards but moving forward xD
I finally got around to penciling out the design of the game, now i just need to implement the new stuff. I'm definitely leaning towards procedural generated areas.

I made a mechanics gameplay video to use as reference when thinking up of puzzles, enemies and layouts

I changed the main character, now he is a dog/cat thing.
The game is leaning towards being a spelunky-like .
Mountain View

i'm still trying to figure out the actual gameplay, but adding more mechanics can't hurt he he.
Some things i'm looking into for the design (ideas i got from some people in my local gamedev meetup group),
1. have some sort of spawnable object always avaliable to grab and throw
2. puzzles that include grabbing something and placing it somewhere to open a thing.

So i'm thinking you need an arm to grab
things instead of getting up close to them.
Grabbing arm
And can be used like a pull rope or something.
my current idea to make it a game
is to have this little dude explore some world and collect things? < super original stuff i know.

Hello! I'm Oscar and this is a devlog for a short game i just started, right now its called HOne.
I started fiddling around with a grab and throw mechanic and wanted to see if i can make something fun out of it.
right now theres not much else besides grabbing an throwing, still trying to figure out how to make it a game.

For now here's a gif of the process so far
Mountain View
I'll put up a build to play around with pretty soon.

Wow! The mechanics look really cool (specially the sword wing). This game looks epic from the bosses to the exploration. Really good.

Hello! I'm Oscar and i make games. I do the coding/art/design/music for my jam games/regular games. Right now i'm finishing up HackDashShoot and will release it soon here on I started One Game a Month in October. My game creation tool is Unity. LMMS for music. Ink and Krita for arts. Lots of paper and a pencil for design.I just recently bought manga studio 5, with the hopes of making pretty cool art with it.

i'm working on....

HackDashShoot a short shmup based on the idea of hacking into Giant Pharma Corp, to retrieve hidden human experimentation files.


Right now i'm working on ironing out the levels because some of my testers can't make it out past level 3's boss and that's never fun.

The game is almost done, and will be sold here on

Back when i was younger i would cheat in almost every game i played, ( using game shark , Action Replay, etc). But it was dumb because i would cheat but not cheat all the way (xD) just enough to make the game play different, set written rules that adapted to the cheats. That inspired me to make a game, so i started learning game development.

I can't remember the game i originally set out to make though =( , so now i just make games in the hopes of stumbling across that one original game i though of. That inspires me.

que calidad esta la carrera xD esos repotes son bien buenos. pero cuando gane me paso a otra pantalla y se quedo trabado =(