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Project HOne

A topic by Vidsneezes created Jan 07, 2016 Views: 310 Replies: 5
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Hello! I'm Oscar and this is a devlog for a short game i just started, right now its called HOne.
I started fiddling around with a grab and throw mechanic and wanted to see if i can make something fun out of it.
right now theres not much else besides grabbing an throwing, still trying to figure out how to make it a game.

For now here's a gif of the process so far
Mountain View
I'll put up a build to play around with pretty soon.

So i'm thinking you need an arm to grab
things instead of getting up close to them.
Grabbing arm
And can be used like a pull rope or something.
my current idea to make it a game
is to have this little dude explore some world and collect things? < super original stuff i know.

I changed the main character, now he is a dog/cat thing.
The game is leaning towards being a spelunky-like .
Mountain View

i'm still trying to figure out the actual gameplay, but adding more mechanics can't hurt he he.
Some things i'm looking into for the design (ideas i got from some people in my local gamedev meetup group),
1. have some sort of spawnable object always avaliable to grab and throw
2. puzzles that include grabbing something and placing it somewhere to open a thing.

I made a mechanics gameplay video to use as reference when thinking up of puzzles, enemies and layouts

<center>Mountain View</center>

I tried some new animations on the my dog protagonist, probably spent too much time on them though. And it kind of looks like the dog is animating backwards but moving forward xD
I finally got around to penciling out the design of the game, now i just need to implement the new stuff. I'm definitely leaning towards procedural generated areas.

Mountain View
So the basic game play is to traverse procedurally generated spaces, collecting power ups and killing enemies

Mountain View
Using the tail like a grappling hook to get through the spaces.