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WarpTile community · Created a new topic Updates

Hey there, i chose to put all update related news into the forums, so the game page could loose a little weight... ;)

UPDATE 201115: I uploaded a short demo to give an Impression about the General gameplay. the demo has 10 Levels and no Animation. The final game will be bigger and animated.

UPDATE 221116: new Demo with animations, short intro Music and tutorial.

NEWS 28112015: thinking about a new Name due to the overabundance of the current one... not keen on getting sued later on.

NEWS 09122015: Ingame Help and Editor added for trying out things. Created and added more Sound... Early Access Release should be possible soon. Name changed from "Warp" to "WarpTile"

NEWS 23122015: Fixed some more bugs. I am planning to release an early version tomorrow, on Christmas. For the rest of this year, you shall be able to pay what you want. Beginning next year i will increase the price to about 2 euro. The game will be early access, and quite some parts and polishinig are of course missing. But i am sure, with the help of your Feedback we will make this a blast to Play.

NEWS 16022016: WOW its already been over two months... i can be glad i dont have a fanbase... So i finally did it! I uploaded a new version and set a price. BUT i chose to a)change the name of the new version, because its kind of a dlc/expansion thing, and b) i chose to keep the original FREE. NICE EY? Well i thought i prefer people able to enjoy this rather than not doing because they gotta pay. On the other hand, im running out of coffee ;) so a little bit of cash would come in handy. As usual, please just test it, take care, better use this in safe mode or anything since you know i only have very few playtesters so far. OK thats it. New Mode is available from Menu -> Travel Its not really self explaining, but im sure you will manage, and if not, just ask.Oh and also important! I chose to get some music from someone who knows how to do it ;) Eric Matyas (http://soundimage.org) offers his music for free over his website. Maybe you check it out? ;) The music however is only in WarpInPieces so far. Maybe in the future the free version will also get it.

NEWS 12052016: Quite sime time has passed, no one has cared ;) Nevertheless im still occasionally working on this when i do have the time. To prove this, i decided to answer the call from itch.io with upload a new version. Its one big mess, since there was little time to test it, but there it is. This time its mainly a visual update, with some new sounds. I refined the graphics style and i really hope you guys will like it as much as i do. (Well i dont even think anyone will ever read this, but lets just pretend ;) )

Have a nice day, Greez Stromvin
WarpTile community · Created a new topic New Upload

I will make it short. I uploaded a new file, since in the old one the Setup exe was missing. On some win 7 Systems the game has been causing Problems. If you start with the setup.exe you might solve this. Another Thing you could try is using compatibility mode.

The file is bigger now because i changed quite some code, but the added stuff is not finished and therefore disabled. Just in case you wonder ;)

Greez Sromvin

WarpTile community · Created a new topic Happy New Year

With a Little Delay, happy new year to everyone reading this (probably not that many ;) ) I didnt really get much Feedback so far, which is a shame, but at least no one was complaining too much. I have decided to leave the Price at Zero until i release another update. Im already at it, but it might take another week or so, since i Need to improve the tutorial, to explain the game a bit more in detail.

Apart from this i have decided to introduce new elements to the game to make it a Little more uhm meta(?) and condense the atmosphere. A Worldmap will become part of the game, but i guess i will make it optional as another game mode. From here you will beable to enter several Levels. This already game me quite some Grey hair and probably will do more so, but i like it so far. When it will be included in the game i cannot say by now. might take quite some time until ist done and tested, but stay tuned.

OH andi changed the menu Music due to a complaint. You can still listen to it from the ingame Player foundunder Options, in case someone liked it.

So far, Greez Stromvin

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Hello there itch.io inhabitants, and happy Christmas ;)

Im here to anounce that i already released on the 24. of this month my new game Warptile. Ist early Access, and for the res of this year the Minimum Price is set to Zero. Next year i will most likely set it at around 2 bucks


Warptile is a sci fi puzzle game around the mechanics of warp flight, or at least my Interpretation of it ;) At the Moment there are50 Levels to beat, mostly randomly generated to ensure a second playtrough is still fun. Basicalle you push board pieces around, symbolizing the many wonders of space like astroids Novas and black holes. Your ship is also a Piece, and you have to indirectly move it close to asteroides in order to mine them.

here a short Feature list:

-easy to learn, hard to master concept (tutorial shall help you get into the game)

-increasing number of different tiles with different concepts will keep you entertained. (!!!Frustration level might increase)

-Levels generate randomly to increase replay value and get more and more difficult(still needs balance tests )

-800x600 resolution

-90% pixel for pixel created art, no anti aliasing

Hope i got your Attention, because i will Need a lot of Feedback to Balance and improve this.

Greez Stromvin

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Ist out!!! well its not finished yet, but ist out!

Finally, and so far free for everyone. So have fun, and a happy Xmas ;)

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Of all the games i played so far, i will perhaps always Name VTMB Bloodlines. I cant tell you wha may top 5 or ten would be exactly, as i would have to think and compare. But i always will know that Bloodlines will be Number 1.

A lot of games got close, but none was better in my opinion. Honorable mentions: System Shock2, Deus Ex, Arcanum, Minecraft, Starcraft, Planescape Torment, Gothic, Fallout 1/2, Witcher, Hotel Dusk, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Castlevania, Zelda :Links Awakaning, The Riddle of Master Lu

Hi there,

Im Marco, aka Stromvin a wannabe indie game developer from Germany. Im currently working on my first "for release" game Warp(i will probably have to change the Name) which i started as a side project of another game in July this year. Its made with Adventure Game Studio, although its not an adventure game. I try to do everything myself, but i discovered im horrible at making Music ;) Yeah so thats it for now i guess. Oh as you see i have no Avatar so far, but ill get one once i have decided for one ;)

Greez Stromvin