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A topic by Stromvin created Dec 26, 2015 Views: 188
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Hello there inhabitants, and happy Christmas ;)

Im here to anounce that i already released on the 24. of this month my new game Warptile. Ist early Access, and for the res of this year the Minimum Price is set to Zero. Next year i will most likely set it at around 2 bucks

Warptile is a sci fi puzzle game around the mechanics of warp flight, or at least my Interpretation of it ;) At the Moment there are50 Levels to beat, mostly randomly generated to ensure a second playtrough is still fun. Basicalle you push board pieces around, symbolizing the many wonders of space like astroids Novas and black holes. Your ship is also a Piece, and you have to indirectly move it close to asteroides in order to mine them.

here a short Feature list:

-easy to learn, hard to master concept (tutorial shall help you get into the game)

-increasing number of different tiles with different concepts will keep you entertained. (!!!Frustration level might increase)

-Levels generate randomly to increase replay value and get more and more difficult(still needs balance tests )

-800x600 resolution

-90% pixel for pixel created art, no anti aliasing

Hope i got your Attention, because i will Need a lot of Feedback to Balance and improve this.

Greez Stromvin