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Well, it only took me... *checks notes*... 3 years to read this. Thank you for playing and for the kind message <3


Thank you <3

I can't seem to reproduce this problem, I can install without any issue. What OS are you using? Try contacting itch support perhaps?

Uh, I will look into this asap, sorry about this!

This was really cool!

This was such a great coop game <3

Thank you <3 I have a couple of games on itch that you can play for free. The closest to me is 1977: Radio Aut, a short interactive story about an important chapter of Sicilian history

Hi guywonder22,

I did not get notified about the messages in this thread. Could you send an email to so that we can sort this out?


Hi MIK0,

I need to do something about the itch notifications, this is not good ^^ Could you send an email to so that we can fix this? 

Thank you!


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Hi everyone,

this is Alex (@AlexKalopsia), Sicilian game developer now living in Sweden. For the longest time I've dreamed of making an anti-mafia game about Sicily. I believe it is important that we use the game medium to transfer knowledge and connect cultures across the borders that separate our countries. 

Despite my best efforts, tons of notes and research, I always felt deeply overwhelmed by the complexity of this tragic chapter of my history, and I have often been afraid of not being able to hit the right notes. This has been quite frustrating because it held me back from doing something that was very close to my heart. I decided I had to approach this in the complete opposite way: making something really small and really simple, and use it to tell the story of one of my greatest heroes, Peppino Impastato.

This is the story of a kid that was born in a mafia family but decided to spend his entire life fighting it by every possible means. You can play this short interactive story following the link, or download it for free (Windows only) and share it along if you liked it.


I did not get any notification here on All the codes have been distributed through Groupees or via email to whoever sent me an email. The dev cares enough, don't you worry about it! :3

Hi everyone,

I thought it was maybe a good idea to write a message here on the itch community.

First of all, Memoir En Code: Reissue wouldn't have been possible without all of you who already got the original (very rough) version of the game I released in 2015. Thank you all so much for supporting my experimental work, it really means a world to me. In sign of appreciation I decided to give a 100% discount to each one of you who already purchased Memoir En Code in 2015. You will also get a Steam key, so feel free to redeem it or to give it to a friend who you think might appreciate this game. If you feel like, considering the amount of work I spent on this re-release, consider the idea of buying another copy of the game for a friend, or maybe share the game's page on social media.

It took me almost one extra year working solo to get to this very moment, I've been through some tough times but now it is finally time to celebrate and move on. I know it is scary to open up to the community when you make such a personal piece of work, but I think I could be ready to welcome your opinion here. I very much believe the itch community is a very positive one and I hope I won't have to regret this :)

Thank you all again and please, please, make personal game, make games that are inspired by your life, by your past, by your hometown. You can make silly arcade games about all of this too, but I really believe we should try and put our souls in our projects.



Same for me

This is awesome, thank you Amos! I have few suggestions for improvements:

- Wishlist: rather than Install (which leads to an error), a button Buy that - at least at the beginning - could just link to the game page
- Install: giving the possibility to abort the download process (in case the button was pressed by accident)
- Store: perhaps the most obvious, but iframing the website on a specific tab could be really cool
- Change User: would be nice to have a confirmation prompt rather than being immediately logged out. Or change the naming to "Log out", from which I would expect an immediate effect.
- Not sure if I should file a bug report for such a tiny thing, but when you resize (enlarge) the window, the light grey bar doesn't stick to the window border, resulting in a glitchy effect
- My game comes with 2 exes, so it's difficult for the client to understand which one to launch (right now it launches the sw that comes with the game rather than the game). I assume this is because right now there's no indication for devs on how to package things. Perhaps if there are multiple files it would be cool to have a tiny launcher with a dropdown menu.

Sorry for this list, I just hope it helps a bit. Having the app is absolutely amazing and I'm so grateful :)

I think the Press System is an amazing feature that allows devs to easily reach out to journos, but I would suggest to have a separate list for written-press and YouTubers.

I really love what YouTubers do, but some games are very short and I personally think they can have more of a beneficial support if only covered by written press (if a YouTuber shows me a 20min game on a video, I'm not likely to go an buy it - i guess).

I don't know if this makes any sense but I assume it's something we (devs and itch) can confront on at least :)

Hello everyone,

I'm Alex, Italian gamedev now living in Sweden. I'm mainly a game designer but deep down I like programming more. It's since many years that I make my own games, but I also worked on some bigger commercial projects. I've recently released my first commercial game, Memoir En Code, and it was a big success. I'm looking forward to putting more of my work on itch and perhaps sharing the dev progress on this forum :)

This game is slightly better than the final sequence of 2001: a Space Odyssey