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Memoir En Code: Reissue

an · autobiographical · game · album · By Alex Camilleri

My most personal project Sticky

A topic by Alex Camilleri created Sep 21, 2016 Views: 582 Replies: 10
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Hi everyone,

I thought it was maybe a good idea to write a message here on the itch community.

First of all, Memoir En Code: Reissue wouldn't have been possible without all of you who already got the original (very rough) version of the game I released in 2015. Thank you all so much for supporting my experimental work, it really means a world to me. In sign of appreciation I decided to give a 100% discount to each one of you who already purchased Memoir En Code in 2015. You will also get a Steam key, so feel free to redeem it or to give it to a friend who you think might appreciate this game. If you feel like, considering the amount of work I spent on this re-release, consider the idea of buying another copy of the game for a friend, or maybe share the game's page on social media.

It took me almost one extra year working solo to get to this very moment, I've been through some tough times but now it is finally time to celebrate and move on. I know it is scary to open up to the community when you make such a personal piece of work, but I think I could be ready to welcome your opinion here. I very much believe the itch community is a very positive one and I hope I won't have to regret this :)

Thank you all again and please, please, make personal game, make games that are inspired by your life, by your past, by your hometown. You can make silly arcade games about all of this too, but I really believe we should try and put our souls in our projects.




Like it!

Wow, thank you for granting us the Reissue! Where do we get the Steam keys from?


I saw your talk at Screenshake last weekend. Awesome work!

You say it free to the people that purchased your game but it won't let me add it to my purchases or claim and it says it will end in a month. Please Help.

Are you going to reply?


Hi guywonder22,

I did not get notified about the messages in this thread. Could you send an email to so that we can sort this out?



Sent a email titled Reply to message.


man. Thank you for this game. paying a little over the marked price just because it was creative. now i feel like it was a bargain... what else you got? :)


Thank you <3 I have a couple of games on itch that you can play for free. The closest to me is 1977: Radio Aut, a short interactive story about an important chapter of Sicilian history


I will definitely look into it. Keep up the great work(s)!