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Why no claimable option would you please consider?

Dude its free but not claimable so you can come back and download it again in the future not everyone has storage to spare to keep a bunch of games stored.

Why not claimable if its 100% off can you add the ability to claim please.

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TY so very much. <3 Hopefully someday I will have the money to add it to Steam.

Why no claimable option? Please Consider. Would like to add this game to my library.

He is doing just like the bug box stores do hack the price up so when he gives a 99% discount it makes him look like he is giving a deal. What joke.

I would like to play this can i please download.

Title is

Email response from post

email is

I emailed you and you have yet to reply.

Send me your info to get in contact with you.

You never put a threshold on the amount when we bought it thats not right. Buying the game is still buying the game no matter what. You should have said there was a threshold from the start no matter what is paid we still supported your game. I would appreciate the game or a refund I did not buy into a demo. I would appreciate a key. Please!!!

Sent a email titled Reply to message.

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Will the people that got the game before the greenlight release get a steam key.

This Dev doesn't appear to care enough to reply to their customers.

Clicked download popup came up but nothing happened Please Help I really want to play this game. Please

Can't seem to download click button popup comes and nothing. And the link you posted is missing the end part so can't use the link. Please Help

Claim Steam key

Your download comes with a Steam key!

There are no keys available at this time, try again later

Are you going to reply?

You say it free to the people that purchased your game but it won't let me add it to my purchases or claim and it says it will end in a month. Please Help.