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1977: Radio Aut - a game about an anti-mafia hero, Peppino Impastato

A topic by Alex Camilleri created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 186
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Hi everyone,

this is Alex (@AlexKalopsia), Sicilian game developer now living in Sweden. For the longest time I've dreamed of making an anti-mafia game about Sicily. I believe it is important that we use the game medium to transfer knowledge and connect cultures across the borders that separate our countries. 

Despite my best efforts, tons of notes and research, I always felt deeply overwhelmed by the complexity of this tragic chapter of my history, and I have often been afraid of not being able to hit the right notes. This has been quite frustrating because it held me back from doing something that was very close to my heart. I decided I had to approach this in the complete opposite way: making something really small and really simple, and use it to tell the story of one of my greatest heroes, Peppino Impastato.

This is the story of a kid that was born in a mafia family but decided to spend his entire life fighting it by every possible means. You can play this short interactive story following the link, or download it for free (Windows only) and share it along if you liked it.