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I believe you recorded in Low Quality so it's very hard to evaluate details, however i have some quick notes:

-  At 0:10 lines above the word "VIRUS LEVEL" and "MUSIC TYPE" are lost.  

- The red shapes wrapping "SPEED", "MUSIC TYPE" are segmented. You should merge segmented pieces into one.

- At 1:0 the bottom right bar is all blurred.

Have you already tested the Dr Mario profile converted from V1?

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Thanks for clarification.  Default or vcylinder is up to personal tastes. Otherwise its quality is  at the "Remastered Level" i think. 

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Nice work! Thank you!

Why didn't you use genie code for an easy walk through? 

I have some questions for you:

- Using Cylinder for characters is your intention or there are just too much for you to change?

- What's the purpose of the script gauge? It seems to me that it does nothing.

No it's not like that. It's "get" only because the purpose is to get the pointer to the real Vector3 data (hence PVector3), after that you could modify it by access each individual field. Something like:

shape3D.Scale.x = 90

shape3D.Scale.y = 45

You got what i mean.

Pause the Game, select Editor Tab, switch the Mode from Shape to Tile, then manually select tiles that will be members of the new pattern, adjust properties as you want then click Create.

What scripting currently allows you to access is the shape/shape3D instances of the current frame, not the pattern3D collection. The shape3D has more or less the same property set as the pattern3D and filled by the linked pattern3D before modified by scripting. To semi-automatic changing geo-type and other properties, you could use "Track" feature or  Property Slots.

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No you can't do it with the current system. The reason is when you change the geo value, the engine will have to re-calculate the 3d model data, that's a massive work because scripting is executed every frame.

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That's because currently the background and the ground are put in the same (wrong) pattern. You should switch to Tile Mode, create a pattern for the background then select the wrong pattern and delete it. Just ask if you don't know how to do it.


And yes when you press "Adjust" or "Merge" or "Delete", the game advance obligatorily one or two frame to apply the new modifications. It has side effect i know, but i haven't found out a better solution yet.

Your fixed profile:


The texture read from profile is null. I still don't the original reason yet.  Do you know steps to reproduce it?

Anyway  at least the profile will not be reset like that in the next version.    

If you want a game to be remastered but don't have the time or skill needed to do it,  providing a collection of save states is a great contribution for the game remastering process. 

Just go through the game first with genie-code, create a series of check-point (save-state), two or three per level then you will have an good overview of the 3dification task :)

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It's repetitive graphic-wise right?

Your suggestion was exactly my setup at the beginning. But with that setup, i can not create and distribute keys for VR version.

Hi my software has two version: the paid one supporting vr and the free one not supporting it. But the free one is not a demo, it's a full-feature version, it just doesn't support VR.  So put it in "Demo Section" seems misleading to me.

So i would like to ask if there is some ways to customize the text?



Not yet. And i consider this is bad ui not bug.

Yeah shape changed while editing texture is evil! Playing safe with spamming Ctrl + A is the right solution for now ^-^

I noticed those annoyances, will improve it in later releases.

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The correct one for you:


Sorry for the bad experience and late support.

The bug is already fixed so i believe it will never happen again!


Please share here your 3dn url. I will fix it for you

Which version are you currently using?

There is a bug causing it in v2.0.0 but it is already fixed in V2.0.1



Yes the demo was always there, and the release was already made some day before that point.

That's the statistic from 3DNesVR today. I checked the figure and rechecked after 15 minute. The download number skyrocketed, reach twice the view count. I would like to know what's wrong with it?

I will consider it in future updates.

It will come, currently there are still several shader issues to handle.

Post your image pls

Maybe it's just a specific issue between ScpToolkit and Xinput module of 3DNesVR. Could you try with another controller?

Thank you.

It's correct. x, y, z are normalized value of coordination X, Y, Z. That means that given that PivotX = 0.5, for vertex at the right border 

- X will be SizeX / 2 => x = X / SizeX = 0. 5 => x, y, z will run from -0.5 to 0.5

If we set pivot to 0, 0, 0 => x, y, z will run from 0 to 1.

That's strange. In theory vr mode is more power hungry.

You use the same setup? Keyboard or controller?

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That's just that like you said: took the building, cloned it then filled solid color then deformed. Only one new thing was: setting Restriction X = 4 so we have a series of windows, not a single big one.

 I will try to explain the deform formula

We know that the windows shape is empty in center so we want to "pull" all the vertex toward the center to fill the emptiness. Pull via x axis or y axis is enough. Here we choose the x axis. The generic formula to pull x value of vertex  to  center is:

deltaX = -A * sin(B * x ) ( x is normalized from -0.5 to 0.5)

sin(x) is symmetric crossing 0 and the amplitude -A is negative so if x > 0 then deltaX < 0 and if x < 0 then deltaX > 0 . It means in all cases vertex are pulled toward the center. Then I was going to  try several combination of A and B to obtain the desired result - completely filled the emptiness.

It turned out A = 0.3 and B = 4 work. It's just that, nothing magic here, just the basic of sin/cosine function.

And yes if you want to customize one shape properties based on another shape properties, you must use script but we don't need to access game state in this case, just shape properties are enough.

The magic of deformation tool - Correct setup for window pattern. I also rotate (90 degree in x axis) and scale the sidewalk pattern to give us more depth and to wrap the texture into correct side.

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Tile mode only has Create action: creating a new pattern with selected tiles. It doesn't have Merge Delete and Create :)

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Let me explain stuffs:

- Issue 1:  in the context of one pattern/shape, a 2D tile always maps to a 3D tile, so when you modify the solid 2D tile which is used in many positions,  3D tiles mapped to that 2D will all changed

Return to the main problem: because the background city pattern contains a solid 2D tile so the background shape incorrectly contains that building part which is also a solid tile. That's that reason. Solution, play with pattern restriction (default is 99 tiles in x and 99 tile in y).With background city pattern you should set restriction x to 1, the background city will be cut into shapes with width of 1 tile. 

After that you should create a pattern composing of the solid tile and the lower brick tiles (in tile mode).  Or merge brick shape with the shape of solid tiles.

Shape will be segmented correctly after that because the underlying mechanism in segmentation is: shape will expand as big as possible as long as there is at least one pattern compatible with it (compatible mean pattern 2dtile set is the super set of shape 2dtile set)

- Issue 2: the reason is  that game uses "transparent color - value 0" for the windows. The empty part corresponds to empty 2d tiles - "solid" tiles with all transparent color pixel. That special kind of tile is currently filtered  out before the segmentation process. That's why we see the emptiness here - the default semantic of this kind of tile in most cases.

Because of the lack of color in nes system in some case like this case, the game uses transparent color as an additional one, that behavior cause issue. I will try to see how to handle this issue.

I think it would be better if the building has windows with transparent glass.