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It seems that you did everything right but 3DNes dropped command line support since V2.0 because of an internal code conflict

Could you share your input tab screenshot here? Thank you.

Have you done the manual button mapping for Rock Candy controller yet?

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It works with and without VR. Does keyboard or another game pad work for you?

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By "can't use it" i just mean 3DNes starts as a non-VR emulator for a very long time before fully support VR so most users purchased it to play on their PC without VR headset so they even just don't have a headset to play Steam 3DNesVR version. That's  what i mean.

"Are you not allowed to provide the non-VR functionality?" : I'm allowed and i can do it. But putting everything, every feature in the same code takes a lot of time trust me. I'm eventually planing to do it but i don't think  i could finish it before Steam release.

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- Firstly , an issue is that this is a VR only release that many pro users can't use. I'm still thinking the solution for it.

- Secondly any key gift will only be provided after the app release. Thank you for your understanding.

When you hit create, that pattern has been created. But the old patterns still exist so after that you should select the shape instantiated by the wrong old pattern and hit delete. Something will happen then.  

By the way 'm preparing for a big update :P

Haha  Enjoy your life JJXB !!! :D

Yeah, you are not the only person asking the return of this feature. I will try bring it back in the future release.


What do you mean by "actual version"? and graphics effect was temporally removed for quite a while.

Your post is a little confusing to me but i will try my best to answer you as directly as possible:

Nintendo didn't DCMA 3DNes because :

- Their lawyers know really well that they doesn't have the right to do it. 

- 3DNes  doesn't violate any Nintendo IP and is perfectly legal  

- Nintendo is just another company. It's not like that they are the representative of the justice, the law ,the court or something like that. We should only care what the law and the court says not what Nintendo think or say.

And FYI VMWare are vastly used in professional environment context.   

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I knew your style and that's exactly what i mean. By using script, you can assign the "ground" shape to a specific layer with "Aligned Front" so the "ground" will become flat :).


- From 1:40 i notice that that "ground" is not flat (correct me if i'm wrong). If you set all ground shapes to a separated layer with Aligned Front then it will be come flat without the need of individual pattern customizing .

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3DNes in particular and emulators in general are perfectly legal. It doesn't violate any IP of theirs. What do you think about Parallel, VM Ware? They are all emulators after all.

That's the fault of the emulation part of 3DNes. Unfortunately there are still certain games that 3dnes fails to emulate.

I wonder if a fixed rotated view is a good choice because users are always capable to rotate the field themselves.

Very good timing question on your part because i'm toying with an Android build on my phone right now :). I would say mid-range phones or higher are enough to play 3DNes. But of course between "enough to play" and "optimized experience" there is still a quite long way to go.

I guess hard and weird stuffs are your preferred style :) 

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That's true. With some small tweaks this profile will become perfect. What i'm still not sure is how to properly setup the background  color to separate the sky and the road for this game and separate it with the . Do you know if the road is solid tile or empty tile?

That's the correct setup.

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After all your script did help me resuming the work. I had said i would gave up but i couldn't help thinking about it. And after your post i finally decided i must solve it at all cost so i could focus on other things :)

I did take your idea of ramp rotation but i didn't use your script. After trying deformation and object cloning, i realized that it was the best and simplest solution. My philosophy is we must solve the most critical part - object 3d positioning - first before event think about other things like object apparence or whole scene rotation.

Guys, i will just let it here and say nothing ^-^

Some issues remains but the biggest challenges have been solved! 

FYI i have converted all v1 profiles into v2 and hosted in a thread of V2 sub forum

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- 8 June 2018: First version

- 9 June 2018 : New version - same link


60 topics is V1 repository not V2.

The V1 3dn profiles were not controlled back then so their quality are not always the same. You should try other V1 profiles, shouldn't you?  There are ~60 V1 profiles.

60 topics is V1 repository not V2.

The V1 3dn profiles were not controlled back then so their quality are not always the same. You should try other V1 profiles, shouldn't you?  There are ~60 V1 profiles.

Ok viewing it now

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What's your modifications pattern-setup wise?

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My first game ever : mass tank battle for the win !!!!!!!


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Ah got it.

About Clipping, you could do scripting but it's much simpler to use UI: Render Tab -> Border.

Omg, i liked this game very much but didn't have a chance to seriously play it as a kid. Could you post the save states so i could play with it please ?

And you can adjust the top and bottom clipping value (7.9 or 8 in this case) so that the screen could scroll smoothly.

Sorry for that but mapper 48 has not been supported yet. That's an expected error message.

Good call!

I tried to decode game memory using Mesen but didn't find out any valuable information. 

Posted  on RomHacking  asking for help but didn't receive any.

I think i will pause the work here and upload the profile.


All v1 profiles have been converted to v2 and put in v2 repo.

with hexa number we have to ad 0x prefix then it will work

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Just give it a try. Wow there are massive scripting in there, my hat off too you. This profile makes me wondering if support : camera z-rotation and input remap from scripting is the right choice.

By the way as you found out is : Script:ReadMem not ScriptManager:ReadMem. This is a document bug. I just recheck and hexa number works fine.