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What did the notice say exactly? I couldn't find out the notice at https://lumendatabase.org

5$ is the pro version. The free one is always free! And what's wrong if i want a small compensation for my fulltime and hard work?

Sorry but the mapper has not been supported yet.

Yeah long way indeed.

Download it at the Demo section.

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Sorry for late reply.

- For KinoVR streaming, the only option is SplitScreen. Please try alternative solution like Trinus, Riftcat etc...

- StereoVR is for 3D TV/Monitor. It does crash on some Vga card and is a obsolete feature. People use Nvidia 3D Vision in stead.

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Right now 3DNes requirement is too much for Pi to handle. Maybe in the future? But certainly not anytime soon.

What's your Mac spec?

It does! Be sure to match 3dn and rom filenames mario.nes <-> mario.3dn

No, not "delete" but separate it into two sub shapes :). This had been added in my task list. 

Sure in the next version

Your Rift is CV1 right?

Thank you!

The crash log yes please and you should read the manual when you have time ^-^

"Unable to read header from archive file: " -> i guess you have a corrupted download.

Please try to re-download it.

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No, 3DN files are not rom files, they are 3d patch files. You will have to prepare the rom file yourself. Match the name of rom file and 3dn file then open the rom file. lease read the Manual to know more.

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Hi, the default view is in front of you, no?

- You can try pressing F4 to reset to the default view

- The app will crash in option Oculus with Rift CV1, i will fix it in the next release.

Finally i'm able to reproduce the error "Cannot not cast from source type to destination type" while loading an corrupted 3dn. Analyzing it right now.

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I'm still focusing on improving the editing feature for the next release.

Hello to all of you,

The newest version 1.4 has a lot of new editing features, could you have a look and give me feedbacks?

Thank you.

For the Simon Quest Wellcome Screen, i did exactly as you described, merge all shapes into one. Here is my result:


After that, the game proceeds normally!

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First of all, i want to make sure we both are working in the same context. With the game Castlevania, without any manual adjustment. On my side, the screen is segmented as follow:


I would like to repeat some info:

- The engine won't touch any pattern created by user

- By using Create, Merge operation you will created a new shape pattern and removing certain patterns in the process.

- Because of that after making those operations, you should forward the game some frames with the button > and >> so that the screen reflects the new, just changed pattern set and you can avoid the error message box.

- With your "demon" example, this is not your just created pattern but 3dnes had also created another pattern containing both the demon and the NPC. To separate the two shapes just manually create the demon pattern and if the mixed pattern still appears on the screen just select and remove it.

- I will continue to investigate the problem but i believe many things that you had observed are just normal behaviors of 3DNes, not bug or error.

- Please make sure to read carefully my explanation and if something isn't very clear just ask.

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Hi, i just rechecked the issue.

If you want to scale the window to full screen change the scaling mode of your graphic card to "Maintain Display Scaling". That's the term of Intel HD card of my laptop. You should see a similar term in your GPU card propertiy panel.

Posting it in main page is confusing for the majority of user. I will find a way.

I see. It does have different behaviors with different PCs.

After launching you can switch to fullscreen mode with Ctrl+F, no?

It was stated in change log of 1.3 that save state backward compatibility is broken.

Thanks, I will analyse it. Don't say to me that you don't have a backup copy, don't you?

Hi, firstly thank you for the quick feedback. If you have some screenshots, the discussion will be easier and more concrete.

Those are advanced operations so make sure take it with care. And firstly we should understand the core concept of 3d presentation: "ShapePattern".

- Shape Pattern is an unique collection of nes tile which has its own 3D representation.

- Per frame 3DNes will analyses the frame buffer, segments it into instances of pattern (exited pattern or newly created one if needed) then instantiates all the instances/shapes.

- If if you create a new shape pattern manually, it's obviously will affect the whole game, not only at the location where it is created. All refereed patterns of tiles that create the new pattern will be delete and when you move to another scene, 3DNes will instantiate new pattern if it required to represent the new scene. That's probably the reason of your observation. So you it if it's the only solution to create the correct pattern.

- There is still an obvious limitation of the current mechanism. When the game has two obvious different shapes - from the human recognition point of view - that share the same set of tile then 3DNes is incapable of distinguish one from the other.

I hope you get some information from my bad English.

Just launch 3DNes then open your rom file.

- Version 1.4.0

- [New Feature][Shape Editor] multi shape processing (adjust, delete), multi shape merging

- [New Feature][Shape Editor] manually select tiles to create new shape.

- [Facility] Add 79 pre build 3dn file of popular nes games

- [New Feature][Pro] Vive - Oculus - 3D Monitor support

- [Change][Window][Linux] 3dn files will be managed at $3dnes_path/3dn

- [Bug Fix] Fix texture rendering bug in some nvidia cards. This is a regression bug.

- Version 1.3.0 - 04/03/2017

- Switch to core architecture => possibility to use another emulation core

- Improve cpu, ppu, apu emulation accuracy as a whole

- Fix input latency issue

- Fix sound lag, cropping

- Reimplement of mmc3 mapper

- Porting Blipbuf to C# => code base is pure C# now

- Add Vrc2-4 mapper (21,23,25,27)

- Add Action53 mapper (28)

- Add instancing shader, better rendering performance

- Onepass virtual reality rendering

- Smoother shadow rendering

- Add credits for BlipBuf and BizHawk project

- Save/Load backward compability is broken

- Version 1.2.1 - 10/12/2016

- Fix the bug: wrong view orientation in FPS mode before first button press

- Fix the crash when press Exit button on fullscreen mode

- Fix object tracking implementation bug

- Reduce black line glitch when render large flat surface

- Version 1.2 - 06/12/2016

+ Reduce input lag

+ Support virtual reality with stereoscopic mode

+ Enable/disable vsync

+ TrinusVR intergration with head tracking(Pro feature)

+ First Person View gameplay and first person view control experimentation(Pro feature)

- Version 1.1.3 - 12/10/2016

+ Change emulation speed realtime

+ Change HotKey Marking - () -> red color

+ Fix manual input mapping issues in some controllers

- Version 1.1.2 - 22/09/2016

+ Add support for zipped rom

+ Add Save/Load State

- Version - 20/09/2016

+ Fix a serious bug that make some background tiles not displayed

+ Gain a small performance improvement

- Version - 15/09/2016

+ Fix bug: some buttons are not recognized in manual input mapping

- Version 1.1.1 - 12/09/2016

+ Add Manual Controller/Keyboard Mapping

+ Support fully two players mode

- Version 1.1 - 01/09/2016

+ Add Linux OS support (32/64 bits)

+ Add Mac OS support (universal 32/64 bits)

+ Move to multi-threading framework

+ Remove Wellcome Dialog

+ Add command line parameters support

+ Increase camera drawing distance

+ Decrease input latency

+ Improve overall performance

+ Improve 3Dification algorithm

+ Add various small bug fixes

- Version 1.1b4 - 26/07/2016

+ Doesn't automaticaly save 3dn file any more

- Version 1.1b3 - 26/07/2016

+ Fix: Frame Forward Buttons don't work

- Version 1.1b2 - 25/07/2016

+ Sprite Shape Pattern is Char by default (experimental)

+ Change hot key of frame forward buttons

+ Fix : 3dn saving corruption

- Version 1.1b1 - 12/07/2016

+ XInput support

+ Game Panel Dragable

+ Sprites sorting by location for easier navigation

+ bak - 3dn backup file

+ Light direction options: side stroller, top down ...

+ Option to render layer unknown sprite on foreground or background

+ Layers distance configurable

+ Add hotkeys for Adjust, Delete button, for Game Panel Toggle, Sprite Navigation, Frame Navigation

+ Option to change background color

+ Manual Document

+ Fix : Wrong cylinder zsize calculation

- Version 1.0 - 25/06/2016

That's good to hear :)

Based on your screenshot , here are my remarks:

- You should reduce the layer distance (in render tab) to have a better look.

- The char is a little bit too thick.

You should have the nes file yourself. Then download the corresponding 3dn file, put in the same folder with nes file and rename it.

For example: mario.nes => mario.3dn

This is a regression bug that happens in some nvidia card.

It will be fixed in the next release, this week i hope.

Have you ever used an emulator before?

Have you received my email?