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I wonder if a fixed rotated view is a good choice because users are always capable to rotate the field themselves.

Very good timing question on your part because i'm toying with an Android build on my phone right now :). I would say mid-range phones or higher are enough to play 3DNes. But of course between "enough to play" and "optimized experience" there is still a quite long way to go.

I guess hard and weird stuffs are your preferred style :) 

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That's true. With some small tweaks this profile will become perfect. What i'm still not sure is how to properly setup the background  color to separate the sky and the road for this game and separate it with the . Do you know if the road is solid tile or empty tile?

That's the correct setup.

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After all your script did help me resuming the work. I had said i would gave up but i couldn't help thinking about it. And after your post i finally decided i must solve it at all cost so i could focus on other things :)

I did take your idea of ramp rotation but i didn't use your script. After trying deformation and object cloning, i realized that it was the best and simplest solution. My philosophy is we must solve the most critical part - object 3d positioning - first before event think about other things like object apparence or whole scene rotation.

Guys, i will just let it here and say nothing ^-^

Some issues remains but the biggest challenges have been solved! 

FYI i have converted all v1 profiles into v2 and hosted in a thread of V2 sub forum

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- 8 June 2018: First version

- 9 June 2018 : New version - same link


60 topics is V1 repository not V2.

The V1 3dn profiles were not controlled back then so their quality are not always the same. You should try other V1 profiles, shouldn't you?  There are ~60 V1 profiles.

60 topics is V1 repository not V2.

The V1 3dn profiles were not controlled back then so their quality are not always the same. You should try other V1 profiles, shouldn't you?  There are ~60 V1 profiles.

Ok viewing it now

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What's your modifications pattern-setup wise?

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My first game ever : mass tank battle for the win !!!!!!!


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Ah got it.

About Clipping, you could do scripting but it's much simpler to use UI: Render Tab -> Border.

Omg, i liked this game very much but didn't have a chance to seriously play it as a kid. Could you post the save states so i could play with it please ?

And you can adjust the top and bottom clipping value (7.9 or 8 in this case) so that the screen could scroll smoothly.

Sorry for that but mapper 48 has not been supported yet. That's an expected error message.

Good call!

I tried to decode game memory using Mesen but didn't find out any valuable information. 

Posted  on RomHacking  asking for help but didn't receive any.

I think i will pause the work here and upload the profile.


All v1 profiles have been converted to v2 and put in v2 repo.

with hexa number we have to ad 0x prefix then it will work

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Just give it a try. Wow there are massive scripting in there, my hat off too you. This profile makes me wondering if support : camera z-rotation and input remap from scripting is the right choice.

By the way as you found out is : Script:ReadMem not ScriptManager:ReadMem. This is a document bug. I just recheck and hexa number works fine. 

I guess you mean scripting reuse right? At first i thought it were graphic reuse so a little bit surprised :)  

By the way what game is it RCR? 

Thank you!

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Ok so i don't rush anymore and start working by book. I select custom road, add all possible objects to the road then define patterns. We mush define pattern in a way that the realtime shape segmentation process works correctly and segments all the shape as we intended.

After that i run several rounds to recheck the result.

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Could you attach a screen shot so  it's easier for everyone to imagine about the profile please?

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I got what you mean. With a quick observation i see that there are three types of shadow sprite: on ground, up the ramp, down the ramp. So the sprite types only tell us if the bike is currently running straight or climbing a ramp, it doesn't contain the ramp height info at that specific location

It's not the problem. With auto tracking i tag all shadow sprite "shadow" with one click. The problem is on ramb the shadow changes y value.

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First scripting version for just one bike, ramp interaction is not handled yet: 

function UpdateS()
    shadow = Frame:GetShapeWithTag("shadow")
    if shadow then
        shape.Offset.z = shape.Offset.z - (shape.BottomLeft.y - shadow.BottomLeft.y);
        shape.Offset.y = shape.Offset.y + shadow.BottomLeft.y - shape.BottomLeft.y;

The result is promising:

Quick setup tip for top down game:

Layer1: depth = 0 Align Bottom -> for on ground objects

Layer2: depth = 0 Align Top -> for ground objects

For x axis rotated objects, set pivot y = 0 

With that setup, we will save many pattern adjustment steps.

PS:  Damn it, the ramp f*cks up everything. The lane and shadow path become diagonal on ramp .

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Ah i missed your question. The skybox background is in my development build, it doesn't exist in the release build yet :). By the way how long does it take to make the profile and more precise the time to make the walk through and the time to edit?

People are asking and i want to give a answer as precise as possible.

I said you should regroup the ramp with the meaning that later on we can detect intersection between a bike and a ramp :D

I will give it a try tomorrow. Gonna take a sleep now.

Good night to all of you!

How about that:

 Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril - Game Genie Codes

Infinite Multi Jump - TAUTOVIK

Higher Jump - XXEVSLOP

Even Higher Jump - IEUTXUNY


Enemies (including bosses) die instantly - PAENIIAA

Turbo Fire - TUVTKSGU

Turbo Fire - OXVTSIVV

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You should regroup all ramp tiles into a pattern.

In script we could detect if a 2d bike  intersect with a ramp shape or not, from that intersection we could estimate its 3d y and z. It's still a trial and error process though.

Other things will complicate the situation for example: 

- two bikes one on ground, one in the air have the same x  and a shadow, how to matching? 

- the bike goes through and intersect with two consecutive small ramps, how to interpret?

In principle it's doable but it's still very big challenge scripting wise at least for me.

Just  pass me your wip  3dn, i will see what can i do with it.

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I believe the shadow COULD solve it because every bike has its own shadow. In fact the shadow is the bike projection to xz plane so the convert formula is something like that:

- Input: bike 2d position: bx0, by0 ; shadow 2d position: sx, sy

- Output: bike 3d position bx1, by1, bz1

Convert formula: 

bx1 = bx0;

by1 = by0 - sy;

bz1 = sy

That's the idea. In detail it's a little more complex because there are multiple bikes and shadows in a scene so we have to match/ pair a shadow with a bike. But that's just implementation detail.  

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I get what you are trying to do there but there just isn't any depth effect in that setup no matter where you try to put the camera  at. A 2d paper is always a 2d one whatever view direction you take :)

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Be careful ThePurple! Pseudo 3D graphics are generally solvable with a lot of hard work but 3d gameplays are totally another thing.

JJXB already had a bloody lesson with River Ransom City here ^-^

Character moves in 3 dimension but all we have at most is y position of main character. Without y position info we can not transfer other characters to 3d space!!!

Back to Excitebike, that's obviously 3d gameplay because the bikes can fly in the air but with current ram map info, all we have is:

0x03D4 : coord y some kind of vert pos, not quite though

That's even worse than River Ransom City here :(

Yeah, for big texture editing we should support import/export