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The last release of the 2.x build is up again for download. 

Please don't forget to drop a review after testing it out :)

Thank you very much themotherbrain! But i really hope i will never have to reopen the patreon page again! :)

As for your question, please have a look at:

Basically you will hold the Menu button for a sec to reset the view, you can also switch to Help tab in the software for more information.

Could anybody from itch help me with this issue please?

The problem has been solved in Discord Server.

Are you sure you used the correct game slot?

if yes then please do the following steps:

- Launch 3dSenVR -> Relink rom for Zelda -> Launch it -> Relink rom for Excitebike -> Launch it

Then please send me the output_log.txt located at:

Your home folder\AppData\LocalLow\Geod Studio\3dSenVR\output_log.txt

I will investigate what happened in your case


I’m Truc – author of 3dSenVR Project hosted at:

The project has just been released on Steam June 4 and I have uploaded a Steam key bundle into Itch so that already purchased itch users can receive a free Steam key.

  • Users that directly bought from report that they can claim the Steam key successfully , no issue at all.
  • Users that have project ownership from Download key bundle “Groupee1” report that they doesn’t see the button to get the Steam key:

 Could you help me to identify and solve the issue pls?

In principle the answer is yes. However there is a technical issue with the key distribution for external buyer. I'm trying to contact itch for the support.

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You haven' t checked my email? 3dsenvr has just released on Steam with a new version and 48 games to play. Check your itch purchase page to grab the Steam key.

I will release it later. Please be patient.

For all Pro users: please check your download page to get your Steam key.

The game in trailer is Micro Mages, in screenshots are Super Pat Puncher, Micro Mages and Battle Kid. They are all homebrew games.

1.3 doesn't have BizHawk core either.

This feature hasn't been released yet. 1.3 didn't introduce it.

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Everybody let join 3dsen discord server and share the fun:

Or more simply if your patterns doesn't rotate or scale, you could store additional value on Pivot.x/y/z field.

Or store it in Offset/Scale/Rot fields, in the script after using the value then re-assign a new value for it.


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String process is complex and power consuming, the best way to do it is store the value into some unused field.

Suppose that you don't use Deform/Animation feature, you can set the patterns DeformOffset.m00 = 30 and 60 respectively and tag all patterns ZU. (DeformOffset.m00 is located at the first line&  first column of DeformOffset matrix)

In the script that type:

shape.Offset.z = shape.Offset.z + shape.DeformOffset.m00

Hope it helps.

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Could you attach a short clip or at least some screenshots for each profile you post please?

Very glad that it works for you again :)

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My PC is also Windows 10 64bit so it's probably not the problem. Could you please open regedit , search with keywords 3DNes and Geod Studio then delete all found items then run the app again?

Thank you for your intention to help out.

- Currently 3DNes uses Lua to add custom behaviors for each game profile. It runs just fine  so i'm afraid that i won't switch to C# script.

- The main point of 3DNes is to interpret and convert the 2d output  of nes game into 3d object  so i don't see the need of dynamic loading of obj file in run-time.

If you have worked so much in this project and think it's a valuable package  and now want to stop, i believe you should open the source code and publish it on github.

Thank you again.

As you could see in the previous clip long time ago, the shape configuration doesn't take me that much time. I have spent most of time on how to properly mapping bike positio ns in all kind of edge case.

Ok guys, here is the profile :)

It doesn't work with 3dnes only? Have you tried it with other software yet?

It's 90% done. I'm just doing the optimization right now. And no whatever you say, i won't forgive you ^-^

Tmnt 1,2,3 it's all done already.

What is it - Tmnt?

The TAS community already has recorded movies of ~ 100 nes games.

You should only do the recording if the movie hasn't existed yet.

Full list of recorded nes movies:

In your game list, Mike Tyson and 1942 are already in my vision. For other one i have to take a look. Save states are good but recorded gameplay are the best.

I don't know if you are familiar with this concept. Some nes emulators like allow you to record your play into a movie file (they are nothing but a list of input key after all) after that you can replay it anytime you want.

3DNes support Bizhawk movie playback, in fact to make sure the completeness of 3d profile,  i load the rom and a movie file at the same time and work on it. That's my current profile creation workflow.

- I'm currently working on Excite Bike profile, almost finish it. The next will probably be Super Mario Bros 3 and Duck Hunt (using VR controller as light gun)

- Yeah of course and  you can make request and i will consider but i can't assure that i can fulfill it. Reasons are many: 

+ Fake 3D games are very hard to transform into 3D and looks good

+ 3D gameplay games are almost impossible to transform into 3D. For just the excite bike profile, i have spent countless hour for it and have given up several times already. That's that hard.

+ To make a complete profile, i have to somehow manage to make a walk through and that's not always an easy task.

- V3 demo has a VR focused UI and VR controllers just work. It's assured.

- Patreon zip are V3 profiles - the ones i made specifically for V3 build - optimized, complete and highly polish, it only runs with V3 beta packaged in the Patreon bundle. Profiles in the repository are for V2 and if not posted by me then it comes from the community. Most of it are WIP and not complete yet.

- So bacically we have three build: officially V2  run profiles for repository, V3 VR Demo that includes some V3 profiles in itself and a VR focus UI, and V3 Beta (Patreon/Dev build) - the latest build with a large V3 profiles but still keep the old UI. Sorry for the chaos and confusion ^-^

Very impressive work without a real 3D modeler tool! How many instance have you created to achieve it?  10 instances???

Another solution if you don't know scripting is group KON into a pattern then AMI into another pattern.

Create two instances for that pattern. And in script enable one, disable one based on the shape color palette.

I'm currently creating mass 3dn profiles for V3 - complete and high quality ones.

You can take a look at my facebook page or youtube channel to see which one has been done.

In case you want to donate, please take a look at my patreon page:

Anything will help because i'm working 24h/24h for this project and don't have other sources of income. This also explains why i reply you that fast :)

If i'm not wrong there is a partial Zelda 2 profile in the convertedV1 archive. It was created from the V1 days but quite good i believe.

To use the vive controller, let try the V3 Demo. You can download it in the Demo section.

For the FPV view of V2 , Ctrl + Click the character to start the FPV mode. F2 to switch between two modes. But it will be very hard to play in this mode, i warn you :)

Two shapes used the same pattern/sprite set with different color palettes to hide/show different part of the sprite  by switching a color index to black - the background one :)

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It's very simple. Just launch 3DNesPro, load game, while in the Menu switch to Setting Tab, under VRMode select SteamVR then you are good to go.

Do you want to know how to load the profile properly?