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Yes it's a steam key but the steam distribution is DRM free itself.

About PS4 VR Headset and Trinus PSVR i havn't tried it myself.

Please contact me at ,I will try to solve your issue

I'm sorry that i'm mistake it with PC version. 3dSenVR had stoped supporting Mac OS for quite sometime. 

You can grab the Steam key and download Mac version on Steam. Still DRM free.

3dsen supports win, mac and linux

You probably have to open the profile with the 3dsen maker and re-save  it to be able to import it in 3dsen pc

Too much of personal life stuffs so haven't had time for the 3dsen developent lately.  Sorry.

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Overlap Script

Effect: When the platform overlaps a character or a bullet, it will become semi-transparent.

Usage: tag all platform and character/bullet you want to have this effect with the same tag of this script

function Start()
    list = {{},{}}
    list1 = list[1]
    list2 = list[2]
function Update()
    for i = 1,#list1 do
        list1[i] = nil
    for i = 1,#list2 do
    list2[i] = nil
function UpdateS()
    scene = 1
    local index = shape.Bg and 1 or 2
    local tlist = list[index]
    tlist[#tlist+1] = shape
function LateUpdate()
    if #list2 > 0 then
        for i = 1,#list1 do
            obj1 = list1[i]
            for j = 1,#list2 do
                if obj1:Overlap(list2[j]) then
                    obj1.Alpha = 0.5

I haven't started porting yet still focus on profile creation task. But honestly i think you would have to if that thing ever happens. 

- This is a real technical chalenge - optimization 3dSen VR for the mobile devices. Unlike games with static 3d models, all 3dSen models are dynamically generated in realtime on the fly ->  light and shadow rendering are very costly performance-wise.

- Management issue: there is no easy way to distribute keys for existed 3dSen VR users from itch and Steam. And how about 3dSen PC users? Already get headache thinking about it

- Maybe a deep discount at the launch would be a practical solution for all users who are already aware of  3dSen VR.


3dSen doesn't support looking glasses at the moment.

This is the VR version, same price

Please use community profile from here:

Haven't received any notification so far.

Star Flow Effect

function Start()
    stars = {}
function Update()
    for i = 1, #stars do
        stars[i] = nil
    minx, miny, maxx, maxy = 10000, 10000, 0, 0
function UpdateS()
    stars[#stars+1] = shape
    local pos = shape.OriPos
    minx = math.min(minx, pos.x)
    miny = math.min(miny, pos.y)
    maxx = math.max(maxx, pos.x)
    maxy = math.max(maxy, pos.y) 
function LateUpdate()
    if #stars > 3 then
        --local cx = (minx + maxx) / 2
        --local cy = (miny + maxy) / 2    
        local delta = (maxx + maxy - minx - miny) / 3
        --print(cx .. " - " ..  minx .. " - " .. maxx)
        for i = 1, #stars do
            local shape = stars[i]
            local ofs = shape.Offset
            ofs.z = ofs.z - delta
function End()
    stars = nil

I want to create a little bit more content for 3dSen PC/VR before thinking of porting it to the Quest.

Hey have you add the meta info in the updated profile so that i can remove the "Mod Update" line?

You are right indeed. I will try to improve it later.

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Left click to select the game first then right lick to select rom. What's annoying about it? I think it's the same way we do in most PC UI. Oh and sorry for missing your question.

May I suggest you increase the Border Left value a little bit to hide the buggy tiles at the left side?

JJXB I notice that characters is layered along side the background. Any reason for it?

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Get bored so I decide to improve the tree layout a little bit :) 


For top down game, I think the best setup is Layer1 : depth 0 align back, Layer 2: depth 0 align front. Layer 1 is for everything on the ground and Layer 2 is for the ground.

Please provide a little bit more info about the game and the profile. A short clip is a plus.

3dSen Maker community » Documents · Created a new topic FAQs
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  • 3dSen Maker flashes/blinks a lot. 

    Just uncheck Fast Render in Setting tab

  • How to render the Empty Tile - the one filled with zero indexed color

    Add the following script:

function Start()
    Setting.EmptyTile = true