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Hey Gruguir,

That's the right time for vr testing! Please let me know if you are still willing to beta-test 3DNesVR. Give me your contact then i will send you the package.

Hello, could you send me the 3dn file to debug?

Which version are you using? If it's the newest version, please use an older version as the temporary solution while i'm fixing it.

Please find and send me the log file located at:


Which rom did you load?

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- Confirm the render bug on Nvidia card. I will fix it in the next release.

- Save state backward comparability is broken. Sorry.

- Exit button works on my side. Not so sure what make it don't work on your side. You can press combo Ctrl + X to exit.

You can use the screen capture feature of OS.

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- Switch to core architecture => possibility to use another emulation core

- Improve cpu, ppu, apu emulation accuracy as a whole

- Fix input latency issue

- Fix sound lag, cropping

- Reimplement of mmc3 mapper

- Porting Blipbuf to C# => code base is pure C# now

- Add Vrc2-4 mapper (21,23,25,27)

- Add Action53 mapper (28)

- Remove border masking => now you can observe the scene from trully 360 degree

- Add instancing shader, better rendering performance

- Onepass virtual reality rendering

- Smoother shadow rendering

- Add credits for BlipBuf and BizHawk project

- Save/Load backward compability is broken

The issue has been identified and will be fixed in the next release.

It has something to do with joystick axis. I will review it.

What's the difference between your suggestion and current implementation?

Zip have been already supported.

I'm also wondering ^-^. I can't help without more info + screenshot. You can use Google Doc or LIbre Office to open Microsoft Office file.


It's very hard to understand correctly the issue without a screen shot :D

Anyway i guesses i can understand what you mean. For the newest version maybe i did adjust the default camera focal length.

So it makes the object look like being stretched in the z axis? Is it what you tried to describe?

If you have the Pro version, you will be able to adjust the camera focal length in the Trinus tab i remember correctly.

I wish i had nvidia 3d vision or 3d tv ... Lucky guys!

This is possible in every way if it has enough interest :). There is no big technical challenge for WebGL porting just pure work (it had been done one in the past).

It's not like that. Multi thread is for (too) early mobile porting preparation. For PC just one core is quite enough already :)

Thanks for your very detail feedback.

The root cause of input lag that you mentioned is because of the multi-thread switching since V1.1

I'm planing to re-implement video/sound/input handling in the next version to minimize the lag and give us an overall better user experience.

So let's wait for the next version release then :)

Hi, there are two solutions:

- Use mouse to drag the corners of 3dnes windows to enlarge it before switching to fullscreen

- Use Ctrl + Click 3dnes.exe to launch, a window will appear at start up allow you selecting different resolutions and window/full screen mode, even monitor to play (in case there are more than one monitor attached)

Do you put your 3dn file and your rom file in the same folder?

Does 3dn file and the rom file have the same filename ( for example mario.3dn & mario.nes)?

The download works normally on my side. Please try to disable your download manager before downloading the file.

Sorry for the late reply. Have you ever encountered this issues before?

Please read this short guideline to link your purchase/donation with your account


I won't go into details but that's exactly how i get the Oculus.

Do you have any idea about the PC part? ^-^

Good point. I will think about it.

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There will be Oculus/Vive support in the future! Just not right now.

- My Oculus is on the way from Europe.

- I will have to purchase a fresh new PC that is strong enough to work with VR Headset.

It just costs a lot of waiting time and money :)

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It has to be:

3dnes --r=SMB.nes

with two -

Recheck the Manual please

Hi, link your donation to your account then download the Pro version.

Sorry but it is not planned in near future. With 3DNes it also relates to the problem of matching rom file and 3dn file.

Suppose that you already have the mario3.nes file.

Download the 3dn file

Put it in the same folder with the mario3.nes file and rename it to mario3.3dn

Launch 3dnes, open the rom mario3.nes and enjoy.


Can you report step by step process to recreate the crash pls?

Is it always like that?

Could you open regedit, delete everything under


then try again?

- Version 1.2.1 - 10/12/2016

- Fix the bug: wrong view orientation in FPS mode before first button press

- Fix the crash when press Exit button on fullscreen mode

- Fix object tracking implementation bug

- Reduce black line glitch when render large flat surface

- Version 1.2 - 06/12/2016

+ Reduce input lag

+ Support virtual reality with stereoscopic mode

+ Enable/disable vsync

+ TrinusVR intergration with head tracking(Pro feature)

+ First Person View gameplay and first person view control experimentation(Pro feature)

- Version 1.1.3 - 12/10/2016

+ Change emulation speed realtime

+ Change HotKey Marking - () -> red color

+ Fix manual input mapping issues in some controllers

- Version 1.1.2 - 22/09/2016

+ Add support for zipped rom

+ Add Save/Load State

- Version - 20/09/2016

+ Fix a serious bug that make some background tiles not displayed

+ Gain a small performance improvement

- Version - 15/09/2016

+ Fix bug: some buttons are not recognized in manual input mapping

- Version 1.1.1 - 12/09/2016

+ Add Manual Controller/Keyboard Mapping

+ Support fully two players mode

- Version 1.1 - 01/09/2016

+ Add Linux OS support (32/64 bits)

+ Add Mac OS support (universal 32/64 bits)

+ Move to multi-threading framework

+ Remove Wellcome Dialog

+ Add command line parameters support

+ Increase camera drawing distance

+ Decrease input latency

+ Improve overall performance

+ Improve 3Dification algorithm

+ Add various small bug fixes

- Version 1.1b4 - 26/07/2016

+ Doesn't automaticaly save 3dn file any more

- Version 1.1b3 - 26/07/2016

+ Fix: Frame Forward Buttons don't work

- Version 1.1b2 - 25/07/2016

+ Sprite Shape Pattern is Char by default (experimental)

+ Change hot key of frame forward buttons

+ Fix : 3dn saving corruption

- Version 1.1b1 - 12/07/2016

+ XInput support

+ Game Panel Dragable

+ Sprites sorting by location for easier navigation

+ bak - 3dn backup file

+ Light direction options: side stroller, top down ...

+ Option to render layer unknown sprite on foreground or background

+ Layers distance configurable

+ Add hotkeys for Adjust, Delete button, for Game Panel Toggle, Sprite Navigation, Frame Navigation

+ Option to change background color

+ Manual Document

+ Fix : Wrong cylinder zsize calculation

- Version 1.0 - 25/06/2016

(Edited 1 time)

Stereoscopic is on the way.

(Edited 1 time)

My guess is there is always a free version and a paid version so the app doesn't ask for payment and will automatically install the free one. You should access payment dialog box from web interface.

Give me more time pls ^-^


Thanks for your contribution!

Could you send me the save state pls.

Thank you.

Version has been released to fix this bug. Thank you for your feedback.

I have just rechecked and agreed with you. A minor release will be available soon to fix this bug.