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3dSen VR - 3D NES Emulator For Virtual Reality

Breathing new life into classic NES games by magically converting it into 3D and letting you play in VR · By geod

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A topic by Neumi created May 09, 2020 Views: 1,563 Replies: 7
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I didn't check this for quite some time, now I wanted to see if there's a new version ... really, Steam? Why?

I buy on platforms like, fireflowergames or gamejolt, so I don't have to use Steam. I am so sick of Steam.

Is there any way I can use this without having to run it on Steam?


I wanted to play this but there is no download link anymore.  I have it on Steam but sometimes the Internet connection is lost so I prefer the offline version.

I don't suppose you would consider bringing back the DRM-FREE version back later down the track after the steam version has fully released? (I realise as it's early access it can be more difficult).  The original DRM-FREE builds were one of the great things I liked about supporting the original...

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I only ever received a key for the SteamVR through itch, even though I initially bought the non steam version. Will itch buyers receive a key for the non-VR version eventually?

I went to finally redeem my Steam key only to get the VR version that hasn’t been touched for some time. Will itch users get a new key or will the Steam VR copy get an update? I’m happy with either!


The VR version does support Desktop mode now

Was going to buy this but it says Steam only :(

Yeah. I'm told a DRM-free version is planned later down the track. I'm definitely all in on this one, but I'll wait for the DRM-free version.