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3dSen VR - 3D NES Emulator For Virtual Reality

Breathing new life into classic NES games by magically converting it into 3D and letting you play in VR · By geod

Any plans for Quest!?

A topic by Onionman77 created Oct 24, 2019 Views: 1,024 Replies: 18
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I'm sure someone has asked this but wanted to voice the need as well. Can we pleease get this on the Quest through SideQuest!?


It's in the task list but not a top-priority task for me right now.


Thanks for letting me know. I might reconsider the priority, since the Quest is The huge vr headset to have now.


Wanted to bump this thread.  I would gladly pay to have this on the quest.


Same. I would gladly buy it again to have on the quest! 😊


I just wanted to bump the thread so it's known there is interest. I just came across this emulator and my first thoughts were how I would love to play it on my Oculus Quest. Definitely something I would love and probably use it to show off VR to my non-VR friends, as they could see their old favorites in 3d. +1 for the Quest support from me.

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Note taken.

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I am interested in this on the quest as well.

100% count me in for a Quest version of this - easily day 1 purchase for $30 USD

Bought this accidentally thinking it's on the Quest since filter was set to Quest input only.  I guess I have it for SteamVR at least.  +1 for Quest.

This on Quest would be an instant buy for me!

Yeah. Would 100% buy it for the quest

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I'd also 100% buy this, and it'd really tap a market the Quest is completely lacking in: Native 3D Emulators.  With the unlisted section offically coming to Quest, Quest 2, and Sidequest being in a fairly large boom right now, does it still not quite stack up to be worthwhile?


Worth noting the XR2 in the Quest 2 is a much more powerful device, so even if it was a Quest 2 exclusive I think you have good odds of making it work on that!


I want to create a little bit more content for 3dSen PC/VR before thinking of porting it to the Quest.


I think it has a TON of content right now! (Im begging you to put it on the quest rn)


+1 for native Quest support. There's not enough content for Quest and this would open a vast library for Quest owners during a time where established IPs are lacking (nonexistent) on it.

Fair enough! Looking forward to seeing you evolve onto Quest platform in the future :)


Instant purchase for me if and when a Quest version is released. Until then I'll settle for the Virtual Boy emulator on SideQuest :)