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3dSen VR - 3D NES Emulator For Virtual Reality

Breathing new life into classic NES games by magically converting it into 3D and letting you play in VR · By geod

Any plans for Quest!?

A topic by Onionman77 created Oct 24, 2019 Views: 1,942 Replies: 24
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I'm sure someone has asked this but wanted to voice the need as well. Can we pleease get this on the Quest through SideQuest!?


It's in the task list but not a top-priority task for me right now.


Thanks for letting me know. I might reconsider the priority, since the Quest is The huge vr headset to have now.


Wanted to bump this thread.  I would gladly pay to have this on the quest.


I just wanted to bump the thread so it's known there is interest. I just came across this emulator and my first thoughts were how I would love to play it on my Oculus Quest. Definitely something I would love and probably use it to show off VR to my non-VR friends, as they could see their old favorites in 3d. +1 for the Quest support from me.

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Note taken.

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I am interested in this on the quest as well.

100% count me in for a Quest version of this - easily day 1 purchase for $30 USD

Bought this accidentally thinking it's on the Quest since filter was set to Quest input only.  I guess I have it for SteamVR at least.  +1 for Quest.

This on Quest would be an instant buy for me!

Yeah. Would 100% buy it for the quest

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I'd also 100% buy this, and it'd really tap a market the Quest is completely lacking in: Native 3D Emulators.  With the unlisted section offically coming to Quest, Quest 2, and Sidequest being in a fairly large boom right now, does it still not quite stack up to be worthwhile?

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there are native emulators in as much as this one is native... download any android  nes emulator and open it inside the quest after sideloading es file explorer... then set up your xbox or ps controller ... be carefull of addware...adds that  change the screen orientation are gonna mess with you.

still... i would love... and pay for a port.


Worth noting the XR2 in the Quest 2 is a much more powerful device, so even if it was a Quest 2 exclusive I think you have good odds of making it work on that!


I want to create a little bit more content for 3dSen PC/VR before thinking of porting it to the Quest.


I think it has a TON of content right now! (Im begging you to put it on the quest rn)


+1 for native Quest support. There's not enough content for Quest and this would open a vast library for Quest owners during a time where established IPs are lacking (nonexistent) on it.

Fair enough! Looking forward to seeing you evolve onto Quest platform in the future :)


Instant purchase for me if and when a Quest version is released. Until then I'll settle for the Virtual Boy emulator on SideQuest :)

please please please quest 2 lets goGOOOOOOOOO,, i really need this in my life!! :) 

Hey Geod, wondering if I will have to buy 3DSen VR again after it is eventually released for the quest. Just picked up a Q2 and while I like my vive pro a bit more I do appreciate being able to take it to someone's place and show them SMB3 in vr. Thanks homie love your shit

I haven't started porting yet still focus on profile creation task. But honestly i think you would have to if that thing ever happens. 

- This is a real technical chalenge - optimization 3dSen VR for the mobile devices. Unlike games with static 3d models, all 3dSen models are dynamically generated in realtime on the fly ->  light and shadow rendering are very costly performance-wise.

- Management issue: there is no easy way to distribute keys for existed 3dSen VR users from itch and Steam. And how about 3dSen PC users? Already get headache thinking about it

- Maybe a deep discount at the launch would be a practical solution for all users who are already aware of  3dSen VR.

Count me in to, day 1 buy for me on the quest!!!

gonna bump this again, nothing on this in over 100 days. Still extremely wanted by tons of people

Too much of personal life stuffs so haven't had time for the 3dsen developent lately.  Sorry.