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Sorry, been out of it. Open it on the Quest you mean? You have to go to all apps.
You use the SideQuest app to install it but you download it through here.

Yea I wish had support for that! I don't think it was a major change though, it was an update to the inventory behavior. I fixed some issue of properly grabbing items.
Oh, now I remember, I also added footstep sounds to other players in a game. So if it's a deathmatch or such you can hear where they are running around! If you are interested in a multiplayer game let me know! I'd love to set a big one up.

No one knows how to play the game, not even me :)
Naw, you are meant to capture other planets mainly. And then buy better ships, and conquer.

It is not needed, that's just a bonus and just gives the oculus go version. But thanks for the info, I'll look into what is going on.

I just double checked and the file is still there and healthy. EnsignOculusVR.apk.
If you can't get it from your library may need to contact support?

That depends on the cockpit. In the current version it is in the middle for th f/a-18 cockpit and such

Sure, looks like this.

Hi there, if you are in the cockpit view there is a virtual hotas. Outside of that you fly the plane by rotating your controller.

Contact support I suppose? It should be in your dashboard and then library.

Sorry, to be honest I've been feeling low energy lately. I will try to get that fixed still, hopefully tomorrow. I was going to say, you should be able to pick the card up now, just raise your flashlight or gun and "fire" at it. That was the old way to pick things up before hands were added, that should still work.

It should work fine in Hom2, I think the change happened when I added the quest hands, and forgot the card behavior in harrow manor 1

Thanks Chooka, I'll need to take a look at it myself then. Yes, you are meant to actually pick up the continue card to load the game instead of the book. I'll see what's going on. Crap I just thought of it I think I know...


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Harrow manor 1? On the Quest? I can look at it. Sorry it hasn't been working, I didn't know anyone was playing the game co-op, heh.

This post you've made here though is on the itch support, not support for the game. Might have been better to make a comment under the games page. Except for the comments question, sorry I wish it were better organized.

Hi there, no it works in offline mode as well. You get to keep all the planes you earn there for when you do go online :)

I'm learning there have been a few bugs in this game. Hopefully a finalized update will be coming out soon.
As to flares, I'd like to in time.

Sounds good to me!

Ahhh ok now I know what a VR Center is, sorry I wasn't sure if this was some kind of special VR app or something. So you could do that, but each Quest would currently need to be connected to the internet. If you are just looking to play through a LAN network I'd need to look into that. There's a free demo of the game that you can test out on on SideQuest, that only lets players play the first basic scenario.

And to the second part, sure you can contact me at

Ahh I see, the networking is done through photon. A game you start can be joined by anyone in the region.

What does that mean? Do you have a link on how to do that?

Planes will be given a bit more defense, but you should learn how to do high G turns!

Let me look into that, they are supposed to be at the same level, I'll see if that's been changed...

Oh no, friends are recommended if you wish to play with other players. It would be hard to find a random pickup game for a small mobile vr game like this. It does sometimes happen though. 

If you wish to make an event to get people together, I'd use the SideQuest event feature.

Thanks, based on your other comments, I also added a bit of sensitivity to the vr hand controls and also give you the option to disable them altogether in the options menu now.

What is it that you don't like about the virtual controls? Can you describe a bit more?

Just some changes to hopefully make the hand stop jumping around as much when it loses tracking

That's really good!!

Yep, just saw, cool man. I definitely see what you mean with the hand tracking now. I didn't know it was that bad if you were in a chair. Will fix.

Thanks Profakia, I think I can fix that.

Ooooh ok ya that happens when tracking goes off, I bet I can do something about that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention

Oh, that's the F-35, the US' newest plane from Lockheed Martin. Supposedly it's not such a good plane for flying, so I'm looking forward to getting some older ones in like the F-16 and F-22

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Thanks, I'll make those controls an option then. You can always fly the plane with just the joysticks though in all views.

You can fire them with the left trigger but they don't do anything yet, sorry :/ Just make the controller shake for now, heh

Ya I'm happy to finally have a working display panel in the game.

Firefox? Well I can say it will have scripted missions and a storyline, but even I don't know much past that!

The idea was you were supposed to get a free Oculus Go key if you bought the game here, but for some reason itch doesn't seem to be giving them out properly. 

(game is on the Oculus Go store btw, this is just for the Quest version)

Just some bug fixes, I'll be putting out another fix today too. Just some minor tweaks to the controls I noticed.

Wow that does sound like a really good idea. I like that a lot.

It took me a second to realize what you meant by thermometers, heh. It kind of sounds like you should make a Quest game, no? You've got quite a few good ideas.

You may have to ask how that works. I'm showing no one has claimed any of the 250 keys I added so it seems something isn't working right...