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gonna bump this again, nothing on this in over 100 days. Still extremely wanted by tons of people

Damn this looks awesome, any plans for PCVR?

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as much as he is being an asshole about it, he's right. For his P.T. remake,  all of the models(including the entire hallway)/textures/sounds are actually just ripped out of P.T.'s files. Putting it behind a paywall is not only illegal, but just morally wrong since he didn't make any of those assets

this is not yours lmao stop trying to take credit for Radius Gordello's work. It's good that you re-uploaded it but you have listed "it took me 2 years to make" when you have put no work into this

Hello, do you have any way I can contact you? I'm interested in how you developed the flashlight mechanic specifically (Moving with the mouse instead of the camera)

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Edit: commenting out the save feature on save and quit gets the button to work, is there anyway to get the save feature working on phones?

Hey, Sorry to bother you again. I'm not sure you know the cause of this problem (probably not) but the generate new world and save and quit buttons work perfectly in the editor, but when I build it on my phone those buttons don't do anything. Is there anything like PC specific thats in the code for those buttons?

dude i am so dumb, i tried replacing the mouse scroll wheel with buttons that i created and didn't realise it said getaxis instead of getkeydown... bro

I was using this project as a base for my mobile game, I ran into an issue with the controls. I'm not too sure how to have scroll wheel as a mobile control button, and I'm also not really sure how to change it from scroll wheel to just buttons on the keyboard instead. Do you have any clue how I could achieve this?

I like the idea of making a more finished ricochet, but lack of content makes it boring after 5 minutes of playing

Thank you, I'll look into it

This feels amazing, really smooth, in a way I'd argue it feels a little better than boneworks. How did you accomplish this? For example, I'm developing my game with finalik and weapon interactor but this just feels so much better. Is there a tutorial you could do on how to make this system, or maybe even a basic asset you could release on the asset store with the basic mechanics of this? I'm dying to make something this good

could you make this for normal pc vr? Looks cool if it was

Would be cool if this made for Steamvr, mobile vr just doesn't cut it anymore

The game was very well done, but I had 2 problems. 1 is it says best played with a controller, but after connecting my controller the game clearly has no controller support at all. 2. is the unbearably low FOV

Yo I know this stuff is pretty old, but where can I download that?

I have p.t. on my ps4. I play it all the time, and I've remade it twice.  I know the entire game by memory even.

Bro literally almost everything you just said  is supposed to happen, other than the shadows and the RMB. I found the shadows can be caused by having it at low settings,  and the rmb thing is a glitch that does need to be fixed.

the headbob bothers me*

Please fix the flashlight and the headbob, the flashlight barely does anything in the dark parts of the game. The bothers me because it is not like the P.T. version

oh ok thanks man

hey, i was wondering if you could add support for Mixed reality controls.

Punity is literally not a full game Its 1 hallway it doesnt even loop in punity. Punity all together is probably like 5 minutes

Hey if you want I can give you the texture for the picture with the puzzle pieces