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try running pulsus with --no-sandbox

This game is great! Now all it needs is a steam page, and you got yourself a finished game! (Also, steam deck support when lol)

Is there PCVR support and im just dumb, or is there not, and can it be added

Is there a plan to make an Oculus Quest Release

Hi. I received a email saying I can get a key, but there is no key button

Quest Releases?

Will this work with some of these modcharts?

Meme Rating: 20/10 #Relatable

that moment when you have friends but you owe your parents 20$

can you add a .p8 or a .p8.png download?

I think it has a TON of content right now! (Im begging you to put it on the quest rn)

10/10. I've only played for a few minutes, (because my headset died :/) and it was amazing.

F. I have a UHD, and cant run VR/link.


Oculus Quest Version? I dont have a good pc to run oculus link, or any other VR

This looks neat. Can we have a Quest / Quest 2 release?

Will there be a Quest / Quest 2 Release?

Yeah. Would 100% buy it for the quest

Favorite game out of the Equalty Bundle. Unique and great sound

ETA?  The game's fun, and i read there is a new color each update.

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In yellow 08, the best you can get is 75%

A suggustion would be to add an option to not have it in full screen. Love the game