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Wise fwom your gwabe!

Could we get a label for this?

Does this support the new edition?

Will there be an epub version of this?

Are you still there

No problem.

I hope you recover soon, dude.

Can you make an epub version of this?

Can you add an EPUB version of the rules?

Is this compatible with other GUMSHOE products?

You haven't updated this in over a year.

This looks cool.

Are you still there?

(1 edit)

Are the PCs required to be British, or can they be Americans traveling abroad?

I'm playing some Wretched and Alone games right now, and I want to know how to roll 100d6 and remove (not drop) any die that has a one from the pool.

No problem, dude.

The Merchant doesn't have a description apart from what items they start with. Is this intentional?

How do I properly print this?

Is this compatible with Classic Traveller?

The Starfighter VTT Tokens are too big when I try to add them to Tabletop Simulator. What should I do?

There's an option for booklet, but not pamphlet.

Is this still being updated?

Is there a place where we can post actual plays of this game?

The description seems to be incomplete.

I'll keep that in mind for the second draft.

Frankly, I never thought of that.

I've been thinking about Cars inspired by the SCP Foundation. Here's one that I made:

Is this compatible with REUP?

Probably not.

Where's the sound?