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invisible tracking pixel

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When on the eugatron select screen, clicking start with the mouse doesn't work and disables arrow keys/enter input (so I have to alt-tab out and force quit). I checked and it was also happening in the previous build.

Also, not sure if it's intended but in the latest build I can't use arrow keys on the first menu (choice between cecconoid/eugatron), it's mouse-only.

Putting this here since it's about keeping convos going: having the ability to subscribe to threads (getting notifications when there's a new post) would be nice (as it is if I understand correctly we only get notifications when we have a direct reply).

Hi there, I'm empty fortress and I make stuff, mostly short game-things you can find here, on gamejolt or glorious trainwrecks. I tend to rant a lot about accessibility, i18n and user-friendliness.

Nice to meet y'all!

I recall a few twitter convos about this a few months ago, I meant to log a feature request but wasn't sure how to explain it properly like you just did :)