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More control over user profile pages

A topic by Sophie Houlden created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 1,329 Replies: 7
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Probably not something that needs to be high on the priority list (I'm not desperate for it, just something I think would be nice) but specifically I'm thinking:

Several categories for "games" and other things, so rather than having a block of all my things together I'd have a block of finished games, a block of work-in-progress things, a block of development tools and assets. That kind of thing.

I think maybe it could be accomplished by letting people disable all their game links, and add links into their profile in a layout they want via the user settings page - but right now those links don't show thumbnails the same as the rest of the site, and won't display current sale prices or descriptions unless you go in and add that manually.

Again, it's probably low priority, but as I add more and more stuff I realise it's maybe not ideal to have people see my games alongside software for 3D artists when I link to my profile from off-site? But I don't want to hide all that stuff either ^__^;

I recall a few twitter convos about this a few months ago, I meant to log a feature request but wasn't sure how to explain it properly like you just did :)

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This is somewhat related to what I mention in my "Team" Accounts/Managing Multiple Accounts post, but more about one person who does a lot of cool stuff (which is only a little different than my concerns over multiple identities). :P

I've made a few weird games that are more for friends/don't fit our aesthetic and some tutorial sort of things that I just hide away on my personal account page, but something closer to what you've described would be much more appealing.

+1 for the several categories of games feature. Being an avid small game maker, I end up with a whole bunch of projects that vary greatly in quality. Being able to showcase the best and categorise them would be immensely helpful. :)

This sounds like an excellent idea. has so many different categories of stuff on the site, but no way to categorize our own stuff. Seems like a no-brainer, especially when you start building up a big catalog!

Along the same lines, I think it'd be neat if we were also allowed one Featured project at the top of a profile, under the banner. That way we could really focus a visitor's attention say on our newest project, a sale, or whatever we're most proud of, while keeping the same styling you see at the front. Like, say there was a little star icon next to each game in the Game Display order, and if you click a star to make it yellow, you get a big banner like on the homepage for that project, which shows the title, price, and platforms by default, and screenshots when you scroll over it.


we're currently talking about this behind the scenes right now, so please feel free to give us more ideas to add to internal discussion. :]


I would also really like this!

For me, I will have games and comics and I really want to make them obviously separate... but for other people maybe it's games and software or different types of games.

I'd just like to be able to have the games displayed under different headers. I think it would make other people's profiles easier to look at, too. Some people have a lot of different projects... Often I want to be able to see at a glance which ones are playable in the browser, instead of having to click on every game page. When we upload our games we give them their own noun (custom or "game" or "comic" or whatever), so maybe it would be possible to group them on a page with that.

Any news here, huh? I would love at least to be able to add some custome css ^^

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