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Hopefully for the next update, sorry about the inconvenience!

You could definitely explode a d20 into a d8:


but the d8 will be added to the d20 result because it is part of the same dice pool. To sum the damage pool with the exploded d8, you would need to look at the dice and do the sum yourself.

So whilst it is possible to roll both attack and damage at the same time, I would recommend rolling the attack first and then rolling damage afterward if the attack hits (this saves good damage rolls from being wasted too ;p)

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Yeah I know what is going on, it's not easy for me to change the app to get macOS not to do this, but you can still use the app.

The solution is to enter in the terminal:

xattr -cr “/path/to/“

sorry for the awkwardness!

edit: Just to be clear, the app isn't actually damaged. But macOS considers any unverified app to be "wrong". It's ostensibly for security but it seems more like a racket to me.

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thanks for letting me know! I’ll look into it and try to include a fix in the next update if I can!

Edit: There's a fix in today's update!

the trick is to use multiple results, this will let you use the same dice pool more than once in an expression.

For your example, I would use: 

a=5d10!, a#{>5}-a#{1}

This will roll your 5d10 with exploding behaviour and call it “a” (you could call it whatever you want), then we count the number of dice that rolled over 5 in “a”, and then subtract the count of dice that rolled 1 in “a”.

Hope that helps!

sorry about this, it’s an issue with me not jumping through all of apple’s hoops to verify the app. I’ve been told that entering this in the terminal fixes the issue:

xattr -cr “/path/to/“

Sorry again, I know it’s inconvenient. I’m hoping to get the app properly verified once I’m no longer updating it every other week.

v1.2 is up! It will default to max quality at first, but if you can chug through to the settings menu you should be able to get a nice framerate :)

That is all coming in the next update, hopefully tomorrow sometime!

That definitely sounds like a bug, though given it doesn't happen on other platforms it is almost certainly a unity bug and not one I can fix myself. The next update will have audio volume controls so you should be able to mute the sounds if they are annoying, though obviously that will have an impact on your ability to play the game (the spectrograph display is based on the in-game audio. I'll look into alternatives to that though).

Sorry for the trouble, but I don't think I'll be able to stop the squeaking.

Yes it’s only the one kind of lock (a group-2 style safe lock), although it can be modified for difficulty. I have thought of adding other safe/dial lock types but for the time being I have no plans to add anything else. Ultimately I’m limiting myself to keep the scope of the project small, and also fun - it might be fun for me to simulate manipulation resistant locks but it would not be fun to try and crack them (afaik many can’t be cracked without drilling!).

Other styles of locks may be possible for me to simulate, but I know less about them so I’d need to do research to know if I could simulate them well and make them fun to overcome.

That is absolutely fineand allowed, you can make any kind of thing you want to make :)

There are no limits! You can write as much or as little as you want to :)

I’m working on a fully illustrated version that is a little more balanced and has the rules explained a bit more clearly. Once that is done, I will be looking into some print-on-demand options :)

Thanks! I'm glad you had a good time with it :)

I’ve not made anything in TTS before, but I’ll look into it once I’ve finished making a better web version :)

Thanks for the nice comment! <3

Just as a heads-up on printing, I think I made the pdf RGB (not CMYK) and it uses large dark patches in some places so it probably isn’t printer-friendly rn. I am thinking about making a more printer-friendly version, but if you want that it may be a wait since I’m gonna take a little break to recover from 7DRL :)

The “skip 3, encounter 4th” is what I intended, but if you want to play it as stopping to play on an earlier card I think that is fine too (if it makes sense. If you took teleported or took a different route, you don’t see those cards - but if you are just travelling quickly then you could opt to stop.)

tbh whichever you think is more fun is fine, I know I wrote the rules but I’m not gonna rules-lawyer if someone wants to play a different way :)

using the “unique” roll condition (‘U’), you can roll a pool of dice that will reroll repeat values. (Details in the documentation here). If you have a die with the names of your players, you can roll an expression which will output their names in a random order like this:

if you don’t want to make a die or are in a rush, number your players and then the expression “4d4TiU” can decide what order they go in.  This rolls 4d4, converts the dice values to individual text values (so they don’t get summed) and then applies the ‘unique’ condition so that duplicates get rerolled.

When you have an expression you’re happy to use, you can save it to your dice bag and roll it with a single hotbar click/tap whenever you need it.

Hope that helps! :)

Yeah sorry about that, I am hoping to at some point make the app work better on macOS, but apple don't make it easy (actually they deliberately make it difficult).

I'll need to make some significant changes first though, so I'm not sure when it will work without the inconvenience, sorry.

this was something I had meant to do a while ago but abandoned because I couldn’t come up with a way for it to reliably work across all the different kinds of shape (there are a lot of different face shapes with different edges), but recently I improved the code I use to find each face’s centroid for label placement using edges and I think it might be possible to adapt it to generate face frames... this is definitely getting bumped up my to-do list again, though it might not be a priority for the next version sorry.

in the mean-time, I know it’s a bit of a fuss, but you can make face images which include both the face display and the frame artwork.

Spindown is accessed by clicking/tapping the result in the dice control popup (which is accessed by clicking/tapping on a die)

Example dice from previous versions are not overwritten when you update, if you want the new examples you need to create/edit a die bag and toggle a box to include them.

if neither of these work, check that you actually have v1.4, the version number is listed at the top of the credits.

 - sorry for the slow response!

there is, you can apply some roll conditions to named results, like this:

roll=d6+f6, rollK

But in the current version it only works if the conditions are applied to a result that contains all of the relevant dice, so you can’t combine results and then apply a condition like this (not yet, sorry):

roll1=d6, roll2=f6, roll=roll1+roll2, rollK

Yep, that's how you can do it! also, you can split up the results with an expression like this if you want:

physical=2d6, fire=f6, total=physical+fire

That will output both results individually and the combined total so you can quickly get whichever result you need :)

if you want a simpler expression you can do something like this, which is the same thing but results are not labelled:

2d6, f6, result1+result2

sorry, I misunderstood! <3

on that screen you can just click “no thanks, take me to the downloads”, you don’t need to pay anything :)

Hi Carlos,

I am not familiar with the fantasy age dice system but from what you have said, I think the easiest thing for now would be something like:

roll=5d6, roll#{1}, roll#{2}, roll#{3}, roll#{4}, roll#{5}, roll#{6}

Which is certainly not ideal, and probably not at all reasonable if you are rolling dice with a lot of faces. I probably could make a new roll conditions which disregard dice if there are not matching values of in the pool, or counts the number of dice which have matches, or... tbh there are a lot of variations on it and most of them will be really complicated to implement. So I’m going to hold off and just make a note to look up the fantasy age dice system and re-evaluate which conditions I could add in future.

As for your second example of adding based on total over a value, that can be done now, for example:

roll=5d6, roll + roll#{>3}

I hope this is useful (and sorry for the delayed reply!)

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Just a heads-up in case anyone subscribed to this forum is using Twine and WritingFantasy:

I updated it yesterday so passages can be tagged as "ending" (last numbered passage), or as "frontmatter"/"backmatter" (placing the passage before/after the numbered passages).

The full details are in the guide which has also been updated. 👍

yes you can! The dice files and custom dice folder work the same across all platforms, the only difference is where they are located. Here’s the relevant part of the documentation:

It's not supported for now other than by external screen-sharing tools. I would like to add it sometime but I can't promise anything because network stuff always gives me a headache lol.

I've been meaning to extend the jam again actually, so I've done that :)

Don't feel you need to rush for the next deadline though, and if you want another extension I'm happy to add one. Good luck with your project! :)

Good luck! (FYI, this game is as yet unplaytested. I wanted to make it but I didn't have the nerve to play it lol). Wishing you the best!

No restrictions on that! Selling stuff you make is OK and cool :)

yeah, I extend the submission deadline whenever someone asks or whenever I feel like it :)

you don’t need to write in English to participate, all languages are accepted :)

There is no way to do that right now, but it’s a good idea for a feature! I’ll add it to my to-do list :)

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by “rolling dice with macros”, is that not like using saved roll expressions (shown at 1:40 in the video above)?

(1 edit)

You’re not really missing anything, roll expressions can only output a single numerical value for now.

But there is a bit of a hack you can do to simplify your rolls still. With an expression like “10d6!{6=[spite]}“  you get the number value of the d6 pool, and for each 6 it will roll a new die which only ever has a string value of “spite”. Because string values are counted separately, this is a way to count a pool and the number of a specific face from that pool.

As a fun bonus, you could make your own die with string values and the name “spite”, and the expression will roll add that to the roll instead, that’s what I’ve done here:

This way you still have to roll each side separately but it can be adapted for a combined roll where each side’s dice pool spawns a different string value die on the sixes.

I know it’s a little convoluted but I hope it helps :)

Update: I thought about it a moment longer and if you want simplified expressions you can make specific dice for each side, with an expression on the faces you want to count up spite like so:

hey, sorry but it’s not possible to do in a single roll expression right now, using the L roll condition won’t work because each roll condition applies to one dice pool only. You’ll have to roll two times and then disregard whichever is lowest yourself.

I do have plans for improvements to the roll expression system that would allow what you’re trying but they will require some pretty substantial changes to how it works, so it probably won’t be part of the next update, sorry!

I think it is fine, so long as those websites or other elements don’t have content that goes against the rules (is bigoted, hurtful, hateful, or unkind) or could expose players to any kind of danger.

It’s definitely an interesting idea worth exploring, where gamebooks meet ARGs perhaps?

To be clear: any kind of gameplay (or things that aren’t gameplay) is welcome, you don’t need to follow any gamebook conventions at all, just be considerate of your players/readers/audience :)