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Is the full game out now? Or is it still only the demo that has been released?

It's really great. When is the full game gonna be released? :)

Oooh cool! I wish I could make games lol xD

I wouldn't be good at it tho haha :)

No problem! ;3

Making games is hard so full respect, peeps! Looking forward to playing the full game when it comes out. :)

Looks amazing! Is Areon the guy with silver hair? (Hasn't played it yet lol)

I really like the visual novel styles games, but so many seems boring, however this one looks so cool!! I can't wait to start playing it. I'm sure I'll enjoy playing it. Hope the full release comes soon :3

Oh, okay! It just confused me a bit hehe. And I never thought I would meet someone who doesn't know about the omega verse ;)

The full game is out, right? I might read about the game and give it a go. I usually don't play games, and when I do, I am kinda picky lol xD

But this game looks very interesting! :)

The titel is confusing me... those "pattern"-things.. are they like the omega verse? I don't quite understand, but the game looks interesting, never the less. :)

Cool game! The art is so beautiful!! Amazing! I kinda miss having the ability to choose. I know that this is a demo, so it isn't fully done yet, but I hope that you might add choices later on. I think it would help make the game longer to play. It seemed like it all happened so fast, but it was really good, even so! I look forward to the final result.