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Hi Mana,

Thanks for confirming! I am glad to hear that your issue is resolved. Happy Gaming!

Best Regards,


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Hi Mana,

I have just uploaded a new build in .exe. Can you please confirm if this build is working for you? Please download the new build from the download page. That would be greatly appreciated!

By the way, Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml is a false positive and my antivirus software which is also the "Windows Defender" didn't detect the virus.


Hi Mana, I am exporting a new build right now. I will let you know here as soon as I upload a new exe build. Thank you for letting me know about the issue!

Please be patient.

Best Regards,


I would like to submit a title called Orange Santa. Please let me know if you think this game would be a good fit for your bundle. Here is the link:

Thank you very much for making a video on my title! I have enjoyed it. :)

Hello, I am not willing to discuss that publicly. Please get in touch with me here:

Hi, Thanks for the video! I am glad you've enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback! It is really helpful for me. :D

Thanks for your suggestion! I will look into it.

Hello, please try installing 32 bit version of libcrypto and see if it works. Please let me know if you encounter any further issue. Thank you!


Thank you so much for taking your time to make a let's play video for my small indie game. I am really happy to hear that you have enjoyed the game and I hope your viewers will enjoy it too. :D


Thank you so much for giving this game a try! I am glad you have enjoyed it. Thanks for taking your time to create a video on this game! :D

I will create more horror titles in the future. 

Best Regards,


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In the second level, you have to collect all of the coins. As soon as you collect all of them, you will be able to go to the next level. Search every corner of the level and you might have missed a corner probably. Thanks for taking your time to play this game! I hope you will enjoy it. Please feel free to let me know if you get stuck in a level. I will help you.



Hi, Thanks for getting in touch with me! Please load the saved game from the Load menu and see if crashes again. I will take a look and provide an update soon. The levels are automatically saved in the beginning. To load the last saved level, go to Main Menu > Load Game > Select the saved level. Please let me know if you encounter further issues.

I would like to submit my 3 best games to this bundle promotion:

Please consider these: My Haunted Doll:

Christmas Cats: Revenge:

The Valley of Super Flowers:

Thank you very much for giving this game a try! I hope you have enjoyed it and I have noted the issues you have mentioned. I will look into the issues and fix them as soon as possible. I have enjoyed the video. Thank you! :D

Thank you very much for featuring my game in your channel! :)

Hello everyone,

Today, I have released a new indie game called Mission XAM on Itchio. Check it out here: 

Mission XAM is a 2D Action game based on the war which broke out between the US Military forces and XAM Terrorists. XAM Terrorists took control over the Golden Cave and the Robots Manufacturing plant of the US. The situation is gradually getting out of control and only you can save the nation from the catastrophic situation. Your mission is to eliminate as many Terrorists as possible and regain control over the Golden Cave and the Robot Manufacturing Plant at any cost.

Happy Gaming!

Well, there is no demo available for the current version of the game. If you would like to test this game, you can download an early demo build of this game here:
Please note that, the demo version contains limited features and levels.

Hello everyone,

The Mystery of Devil's House is a 2D Horror Action Platformer based on the story of the Haunted house called William's House located in Massachusetts which was built during the 1950s.

The former owner was mysteriously murdered inside the house 5 years ago by an unknown dark entity. Since then, the new owner of the Haunted house is pretty scared to even set foot in the house because of the dark history associated with it. The owner believes that there is a portal which leads to the Devil's world inside the house which is yet to be proved. It is also believed that various rituals have been performed during the 1980s in the house which is the primary reason behind the increased poltergeist activities.


  • 12 Levels to play.
  • Different items to collect like Devil's Horns, Golden cross, Badges, Silver and Golden coins etc.
  • Challenging situations, deadly traps and various kinds of evil ghosts and zombies.
  • 3 challenging Boss battles.
  • 3 Firing modes including Primary, Secondary and Rocket Launcher mode.
  • Play each level as many times as you want.
  • Some paranormal footage will be revealed when the investigation ends

Itchio Link:

I hope you will enjoy it. This game will be available on Steam soon and every Itchio purchaser will receive a Steam key when released on Steam.


Hi ^densch, if the issue has not been solved yet, you are requested to contact support through my website here: If you have a screenshot of the issue that would be better. Hope it helps. Thank you!


Thanks for your comment. Please send me the details of your computer specification and it would be better if you can send me a screenshot of the problem. I will take a look at it as soon as I can and I will try to solve this issue.


Thanks! If you wish to make more lets plays please do so. I will soon upload a new built with some improvements as I am currently working on it to fix the bugs. Thank you!

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Hi, Thanks for taking your time to review my game! I really enjoyed your video and I hope that the people watching this video, will enjoy it too! I will soon release an update. Please add a link to this page from your video description if you don't mind. Thank you! :)

Hi everyone,

I have just released my first Horror Survival Game called Dan In Dark. Dan In Dark : The Dungeon is the First Person Survival Horror game based on the biography of the life of the ghost hunting enthusiast, Dan, who is the ghost investigator. If you love to play horror games and want to try this game out, Get it here:

NOTE: If you want to make a let's play video of Dan In Dark, feel free to do so. But you should provide a link to the Itchio page from your YouTube video description. A headphone is recommended to feel the horror deeply. However, that's not mandatory. Feel free to share your opinions in comments. Thank you.

The features which have been fixed in V1.2.0.0 are stated below:

-Some bugs have been fixed!
-Some graphical enhancement has been made.
-Level design has been modified a bit.
-Some controls have been added which was missing in the previous version.

I have tried my best to make a small platformer and if you try out this game, it would be great!

Thank you. Hope you will enjoy it. :)

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Hi everyone,

I am a solo indie game developer who have been working on the platformer called Boon Boon. Today, I have released a new version of this game with new features and also fixed bugs.

Boon Boon is available on Sale! Grab it now here!

What is Boon Boon?

Boon Boon is a 2D platform game with many exciting features, and mission objectives and is also based on the love story between Boon Boon and his girl friend, Luna. This game has two endings like Happy and Sad Endings. The mission of the player is to collect all the candy and bring them to his girl friend who is eagerly waiting for him. But this game is not easy as it sounds. Wanna take a challenge?

Get Boon Boon here:

Screenshots that might interest you:

 photo boonboon_s3_zps9vuymjd8.png

 photo boonboon_s4_zpslup0gonw.png

Here is the animated gif:

I have worked hard on this game to make it more and more engaging and enjoyable. If you like the game please let me know in the comments. Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Please feel free to ask me queries. :)



About the Developer:

I am Anamik, the developer of Amaxang Games. I am 19 years old aspiring developer. Any support would be great! I have determined to make more games in future!

Thank you.

Hi everyone,

I am hereby notifying you that my game, Gaze At Maze, is currently available for purchase along with 7 other great games in a bundle sale for $6 only! You are getting 8 games for $6 and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy more than 12 hours! This bundle is a combination of different games of different genres.

Buy The Bundle now for $6 on Itchio:

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can post in the comments section. I am a small aspiring indie game developer who needs support to make more games. Your support would be greatly appreciated and it will help me to make more games in future.

Thank you,

Get Gaze At Maze available for $4.00 Only! Get it now while it is available on Sale here:

Features of Gaze At Maze can be viewed in the game page only.

Please try out the game and let me know what you think about it. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.

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NOTE: Gaze At Maze game is currently available in a bundle with 7 other great games featuring more than 12 hours of game play! Grab the bundle for $6 here:

I am Anamik, an Indie game developer and I would like to introduce you to my new 2D maze game which I have been developing for more than 8 months. Finally, I have released the game on Itchio!

Finally, the full version of Gaze At Maze has been released on PC Windows! Get this game now!

If you would like to check out my game, please visit this link:


 photo gam_4_zpseutopkto.png  photo gam_6_zpsqliv2dsn.png

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to provide Feedback.

Thank you.

This is the SUPERB IDEA!! Thanks for creating this great community and this is the place where I will visit every day. You are one of the awesome people who care about small indie devs.

Thank you!

Hi everyone! I am Anamik, a solo indie game developer and I have been making games for about 5 years. My aim is to create new games based on some new awesome ideas. I make whatever I love to make.

I mostly enjoy creating my retro platform game and a cute small platformer. I am currently working on my retro platformer to expand it with new features!

I am really glad to be a part of itchio community and also nice to meet you guys!