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Hi everyone,

We're a two-man development team working with the Unreal 4 engine in hopes of creating a career for ourselves in the games industry.

It would be greatly appreciated to hear your feedback for our game. Currently it's packaged to run on 64-bit PC systems and we're in the process of packaging a 32-bit version as well as Mac and Linux ports. Right now one bug is that 1360 x 768 resolution is not implemented.

Here is a trailer, media gallery and a link to the demo,



media gallery


Wormhole City demo


Oculus Rift Demo


Please let us know if you guys have trouble downloading or playing the game, we're in the process of trying new file hosting services.

Thank you and happy holidays

Hey! I just watched the trailer but the graphics are quite nice, you guys have clearly put a lot of work into it. I really liked the colors in the spaceship scene where everything is tinted aquamarine. Other scenes seemed too "realistic" colored to me and came across as rather bland/brown (that might just be my personal preference). I'd recommend doing a color pass over the whole game to try and just make sure everything's consistent. Awesome work though!