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Fantastic job doing something new with an old genre. The creep factor definitely got to me and the length feels perfect for getting players to experience the end even when text adventure games can be tricky for people who are not used to them.

Pumped to try it and have it queued up to go. Just in case it's helpful to see someone play it from the beginning, I'll save it for this week's show.

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It's great to finally meet you all. has always been a big help to the indie game community, so it'll be nice to have forums and a chance to learn more about other devs and projects here.

I'm Eric (Blue Tengu), and I was involved in game development (game design, translation & programming) here in Japan for around a decade before deciding to pursue indie projects and the kind of games I've always wanted to make. Every week for the last year and a half, I've been doing a live game dev show on Twitch, and the first game completed on the show was warmly supported when I put it up on, so this place means a lot to me.

Ever since my brother introduced me to the Commodore 64 way back when, I've been in love with games and game dev. (That love for the Commodore 64 is why I made that first game.)

I can be found on Blue Tengu's Site, Twitter, Twitch, or Youtube. If you drop by, definitely say hello, otherwise, I hope to see you here!