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Awesome! Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoyed it :D

Nice aesthetics, definitely captured the vibe of the famicase cartridge

Cute art and music, very well done :)

Excellent cat experience! :D

Cute game, very nice pixel art :)

Very cute! :)

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it :)

I should have! It's just not a Vlambeer-like without screenshake :)

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for the kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game :D

Hey, glad you enjoyed it!

You're right, sometimes it's hard to tell what's going on. A delay between what the player does and what the enemies do would go a long way towards solving this.

I'll be sure to check out your game later! :)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing :)

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it :)

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HOWLING VISIONS is now available to play for free in your browser!

Navigate this constrained roguelike and defeat or evade a variety of cryptid monsters.

Cast spells, collect tomes for points, and see how high you can score in this strange, color-shifting forest.

Glad you enjoyed it! I made this game so long ago, I don't remember if there's an ending! I think if you get past the "last" floor it just says "thanks for playing" :)

Thanks for this beautiful game! Very fun to play, as well. :)

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the video!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the kind words, PoofyGaming! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Hey, fricochet, thanks for the kind words and bug report! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the kinds words, Kai! I would've loved to have a few more levels, but I'm very pleased with the level of polish I was able to achieve on the ones I managed to finish :)

Hey, thanks for the kind words!

Angry Jonathan was one of those things that was kind of cut for time because it took me forever to get rolling on this jam, but oh well!

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Still no arrow keys in ver 7

Oh no! I'll take another look at it... It worked for me on Windows, but it may be a Mac-only bug... :(

And thanks for the kind words! :)

Thanks for the video, Jupi! Awesome work as always :)

I think the arrows were broken for everyone, not just Mac users. I've pushed a new build that fixes this, so everything should be okay now.

Thanks again for alerting me to the bug!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the comment, Linker!

Thanks for the bug, Adam! I don't have a mac, so I couldn't test it properly :(

Do the WASD and/or gamepad controls still work?

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your feedback!

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Sorry it's not working for you, Friend-chip. Which version are you using and which OS are you on?

On Windows, you should just be able to run the .exe file.

On Mac or Linux, you'll need to install Love2d from this website: Once you've installed Love on those OSes, you can check this section of this web page for instructions on how to run the game:

The short version is, if you're on Mac, you can drag the Dungeon Of Flowers .love file onto the Love application icon and it should run. On linux, you can run the love command with the path to the Dungeon of Flowers file as an argument, like this: 

love /home/path/to/

Hope this helps and thanks for your interest in the game :)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing :)

Hey, thanks Mister.  :)

Lovely music, visuals and embodiment of the GAME IDEA tweets. Thanks, Conor! :)

Very nice. Good graphics, pacing, and sense of humor. :)

Very nice. Difficult to read, but overall captured the chosen GAME IDEA very well.

Very good comedic timing with the SPLAT! graphics and sound effects. :)

Perfectly captures the theme :)

Lovely graphics, music, and overall GAME PLAY. :)

Lovely art and sound effects :)

I'm digging the art as well.