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This is awesome that is sprouting its own community forum!

My name is David, an indie developer and computer science student in Michigan. I currently work on my game Armor Blitz when I'm not doing class work. Luckily the rest of my small team of 5 also works very hard, and some are full time. We've been developing this game for quite awhile now and I love the theme and fanbase that we're developing!

Things I do outside of class include managing my university's game development club Wolverine Soft. As the Vice President this year, I have to keep things running smoothly to ensure the success of on-campus game devs and to provide a good collaborative space for developers.

On that note - if anyone lives in Michigan hit me up. I love to speak with local developers and network with anyone who wants to talk. Oh and I play a lot of online games like CS:GO, LoL, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warships, and occasional MMOs.