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Can you take a screenshot and post it here? It should still work; the build hasn't changed in some time

You already submitted, so just edit it by adding on the other stuff whenever you get the chance and feel it's ready.

It's not a game, so yes!

Oh, absolutely this site

It's good but there was a while where maybe 50% of jam games had something from here lol

Yeah, the Gunners having Hip Fire/Shotgun Messenger be strong on Turn 1 was intended, but it's turned out a bit strong and will still be in/good but going to be tuned down a touch in the patch coming at the end of this week. The balance between the game's core loop not stretching out too long and the fights being too easy has been a hard balance to hit. I'm currently adjusting some classes and putting together an FAQ to help people more easily get into the game, and I'm hoping that might give people some knowledge and space for me to make fights last a bit longer without average people having too much of an issue getting into the game.

Enemy Snipers getting to multiattack is an odd thing that I know can happen but that's more because there's certain things I can make players immune to that making enemies immune to is a hassle. Enemy Snipers also don't get the massive increase to crit chance/damage, which came off feeling either too easy or completely unfair in testing, so I've had to accept it as the main weird class difference.

While the change to 3 rooms in the Lv.4 missions might make things go faster, there's also a lot less stress in having to manage a semi-random party's resources, and as one of the core themes of the game is the hubris of adventuring, I prefer players to have that little bit of a struggle. I also want to make sure players experiment and unlock additional characters, so I might look into more naturally incentivizing that so players aren't doing so many consecutively because they've been doing some here and there.

...I immediately know what mistake I made for that to happen, so in the next update, those effects will reset in the same way as other door effects do, so you might have to take those characters through an additional run to clear those penalties, but yeah... that's extremely unintended lol

So I probably oughtn't have opinions on this as honestly I spent a lot of time on each character, but I do have a few favorites.

  • All the Mimics. They were a pain to make so I spent a lot of time on each of them.
  • All the Archmages as well. They're meant to be egotistical yet reliant on others to do a lot of helping out, which is a fun thing to play with.
  • Proinsias, Lich Assassin and Ardal, Lich Survivalist, because those seem like amusing paths for Liches to have gone down.
  • Nomusa, Minos Acrobat because it's a true "bull in a china shop" situation. Their racial passive makes them not actually benefit much from their class bonus to Evasion, but their reduced damage from AoE attacks and their chance to counter single-target attacks makes them work great in that odd tank role regardless.
  • Presert, Gruub Berserker has massive critical chance so if they can stay alive their small stature really works well with a Greataxe.
  • Hamlet, Gnome Cheerleader, because in the original Hamlet there is no more wrong thing to call him than cheerful.
  • Ufuoma, Void Child Inquisitor. The Inquisitors were originally going to be a DEV/ARM class, but were changed to DEV/AGI. So Condemn instead of dealing damage based on DEV and debuffing the user's DEV, did both to ARM. Ufuoma is the only one that has Condemn replaced with Foreordain, which remains an ARM-based skill.
  • Tjarrd, Slime Hero is just fun to play as. No equipment but high base stats and extra actions, with Mp Regen to mitigate the Hero's high cost skills. As close to a Dragon Quest OC as I'll ever make, I think lol.

There's more but those are the ones that come to mind immediately, and I've already gone past what's probably the limit on favorites, ha ha.

So Regen working outside of combat is something that the engine does, and is currently considered effectively a player choice.

If a person discovers this and wants to take advantage of resource generation and pace around for 30 seconds, they're free to. But if someone doesn't and wants to push through, that's in keeping with the game's theme of adventuring hubris.

So if you want to take advantage of that, it's available, and if not, you can beeline to rooms/objectives.

Glad to hear it!

To be fair the theme for the microgrant was "absurd" but also yes, the message was supposed to be "what if modern-day speculative finance was to be applied to a fantasy setting; gosh that'd suck, huh" and I hope it did get across.

So the short answer is if you have something like VLC Player or something that can play .ogg files, you can find the background music by opening the game folder, then open the "www" folder, to "audio", to "bgm". If it has a long wordy title, it's probably one of the game songs. If it doesn't then it's one of the engine's base asset songs. The difference in sound will make it pretty obvious.

So why that's how I'm saying to do it is because the songs were originally from a pack of like 200 free midis that Karugamo BGM put out, that I then ran through some edits and processing. Legally I can use the songs but I can't redistribute them. So putting them on Youtube is a bit of a grey area, and distributing them through other sites and stuff is definitely a no-go.

Gotcha, that's very understandable lol

Glad to hear it!

Oh wow! Just to make sure, that was all 18 holes, no weird bugs or anything that made the ball go in in one swing or skip over holes?

Like real talk, I'm impressed that someone could make it in under the par total of 72 for the course, because I sure couldn't lol

(1 edit)

-How do I hit the ball?
Stand on top of it, not adjacent to it.

-How do I save?
Interact with the flag on the green of a course, and it'll give the option to save.

-There's only one course?
Yes. If people want more, by all means let me know if that's of interest to you.

Questions/comments with all the same answer:
-I can walk through water
-I can move to any height
-I can walk through trees
-The ball can be on the same space as a tree
-Some divots are invisible until you're in them
-Some terrain has weird edges
-Some terrain make weird sounds when you step through them
-Some clubs make weird sounds when you use them
-There's a really long/short pause when using a particular club
-My character turns so I can't see where the ball goes

These are entirely intentional. If you encounter something else, please let me know. It may or may not be intentional and get added to this list.

Last year when I held the game jam everyone submitted during April 1st only. I had a bunch of stuff going on this past week so I left it more open in that way just in case I wasn't going to be able to access the site or something.

But also it's not like this is judged or points mean anything, just do your best to get a game out

So as it says on the store page at the bottom:

The demo only has a single map and layout, but is otherwise the same experience. There's also a free Mac build, since I know some people play my games on Macs but since the Catalina update I can't guarantee it works on those operating systems.

The Mac build there isn't a demo, it's the full game. I just can't guarantee that it works on all Mac computers, and as it's an issue with the engine compatibility that I have no control over, I'm not going to charge people for a game build that I can't be sure will work for them.

Correct! To help though, here's the exact info.

The formula for "Home Position X" under sideview:
screenWidth - 16 - (maxSize + 2) * 3 + index * 3 - 176

The formula for "Home Position Y" under sideview:
screenHeight - statusHeight - maxSize * 2 + (index+1) * 2 - 32

Also note that in YEP_CoreEngine, I have the width and height of the screen set for 1280 and 720, so that'll affect things. Memory leaking is also an issue in the engine that becomes very noticeable when using this many characters, so make sure that if you're using their Main Menu Manager, set "Blurry Background" to "false". It affects the in-battle command windows and when a person has to shuffle through all the characters you'll get some reports about lag and crashes, so if you're using that I hope that saves you a future headache!

Glad you enjoyed it! That's a new bug to me so I'll have a look into it, and the feedback is appreciated!

Sorry to say, that's loading as intended. I may make a legible version someday, but as this was for the Absurd Games Jam, I wanted to make a game that was very straightforwardly a standard game, but take one of the largest parts and make it a nightmare. I ended up going with the text.

(1 edit)

"So You've Inherited A Fantasy Town" will be an RPG for PC. You start having inherited a town with a dungeon at its center. Completing quests grant materials you can use to upgrade buildings and modify the dungeon, as well as sometimes granting access to more characters.

Characters have their own real-time schedules (time kept/referenced through the system clock), and building up your town is as important as building up your characters. Some characters are accessible to put into the party at any time, but others have a set schedule they refuse to adventure outside of.

Characters will also have their own relationships, the player will have to re-add party members after each quest, and characters will also take a fee from the quest reward. Half the time will be actually going through the dungeon at most. Much of the time will be spent upgrading building, purchasing items, and trying to build a party of characters that will actually be halfway decent for a quest.

Makes me think about how Kojima had wanted to make a sniper boss fight where it was it felt very real to the experience and lasted days

Oh, totally. Like, if the game's in it's in, and Iget that the badge takes up a ton of space on the page too. Feel free to take it off, not an issue

Yeah, at this point I'm currently just putting one bundle together from people that have already submitted that I've examined and fit what I was hoping to go for with this bundle. If people keep coming in I can post about maybe the ones that didn't make it into this one and if they wanted to do a bundle together or something.

Basically I'm erring on the side of curation and speed, as the honest matter is that the bundle will do better if it goes live while the media hasn't forgotten the current situation in games and AAA in particular, and we can see indies actually get some amount of attention while they're willing to report on them.

So last time I ran this bundle, I received the amount of submissions over the course of the whole several days that this bundle has already. It's only going to grow, which means I have some difficult choices to make.

The original plan was 20-25 developers, each an even split of money, $20 a bundle.

We could aim to make this a larger bundle, potentially 50 or 100 devs, and try to sell at quantity, though I feel that undermines the core of what this is supposed to be about.

If anyone has thoughts or input, feel free to say so below. If you want to run your own offshoot of this bundle, by all means do so.

Hello! Here's 'I Have Low Stats But My Class Is "Leader", So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord'! Thanks for your time!

Ha ha, I only heard about that one a few months after I released this game.

That one focuses on the puzzle being the overworld movement and the battles are handled simply, whereas mine makes the combat the real puzzle.

Yeah, the whole situation with this game has been pleasantly surprising. Also glad people have been understanding about it!

Yes, there's some sort of lesson in all this, but it's rather difficult to actually put into words, ha ha.

You possess pictures of shirts now, to do as you wish!


That was part of the joke; the person you play as is so confused my the system that they literally can't access the Equipment menu. There's no items, just pain.

Just using F4 should do it.

You Need to walk into the enemy and hit space/enter

Space bar or enter to interact with the boss, in the battle menu it's space/enter and arrow keys. Can also use the mouse if needed.

Oh noooo! I had a similar issue when creating the URL, because the autofill was extremely unhappy that there was more than 120 characters.

If you need me to upload a folder that has a shorter name so you can actually play please let me know.

If anyone submitted something to the jam and wants a key for "My Older Sister Left The Computer So I Got On And Found Myself Trying To Coordinate A Raid In A Game And I Don't Play MMO's" feel free to let me know.

I'll ask others for keys to theirs later, but I'm pretty beat after working on this nonsense frankly so I'll get to that later

I would personally like to see anyone trying to make a tabletop game using non-transitive dice

Ha ha, I would export to Mac if the Catalina update didn't totally bork RPG Maker builds (which the people behind the engine said they are never going to do anything about)

Realized that I hadn't put in-game much information on what these do, so I figured this is a good enough place to put the info. "R"is going to stand for the Rank of the bonus/trap. These all take effect on Turn 1, and cannot be dispelled or cleansed by any ability. If a character is KO'd and then revived however, they will no longer have the effect.

For Traps:
Spike Trap: Adventurers lose (5*R)% of their current Hp as the battle starts; no further effect.
Destabilizer: Adventurers lose (5*R)% of their current Mp as the battle starts; no further effect.
Poison Vents: Adventurers lose (1*R)% of their maximum Hp each turn.
Void Fog: Adventurers lose (1*R)% of their maximum Mp each turn.
Blacklights: Adventurers Accuracy is lowered by (5*R)% for the battle.
Muscle Weaken: Adventurers Physical Attack is lowered by (10*R)% for the battle.
Metal Softener: Adventurers Physical Defense is lowered by (10*R)% for the battle.

Magic Weaken: Adventurers Magical Attack is lowered by (10*R)% for the battle.
Will Softener: Adventurers Magical Defense is lowered by (10*R)% for the battle.
Extra Gravity: Adventurers Speed is lowered by (10*R)% for the battle.

For Bonuses:
Commission Bonus: Guardians Critical Rate is increased by (5*R)% for the battle.
Comfy Break Room: Guardians Evasion is increased by (5*R)% for the battle.
Health Insurance: Guardians recover (1*R)% of their maximum Hp each turn.
Therapy: Guardians recover (1*R)% of their maximum Mp each turn.
Vision Plan: Guardians Accuracy is increased by (8*R)% for the battle.
Gym Membership: Guardians Physical Attack is increased by (10*R)% for the battle.
Preventive Measures: Guardians Physical Defense is increased by (10*R)% for the battle.
Scholarships: Guardians Magical Attack is increased by (10*R)% for the battle.
Anti-Magic PR: Guardians Magical Defense is increased by (10*R)% for the battle.
Deadline Bonus: Guardians Speed is increased by (6*R)% for the battle.

Hope this helps!