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How do I even play?

A topic by seanparkerfilms created Apr 02, 2021 Views: 1,090 Replies: 4
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I'm totally stuck on how to play or proceed. Can't find a manual or any in-game instructions, so I'm just stuck on the screen where you can make the train of characters move around and..... no idea what to do next to get into the actual battle (or equipping items, if that's a thing).


Space bar or enter to interact with the boss, in the battle menu it's space/enter and arrow keys. Can also use the mouse if needed.

Well, here's a screenshot of where I'm at. Pressing spacebar or enter isn't doing anything for me at the moment. I can move the people around and right click to go into menus to view formation and character stats, but that's all I've been able to do.


You Need to walk into the enemy and hit space/enter


OK, gotcha. Thank you!