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happy to play a game whose title is so long my computer failed to extract it without changing the folder path :)


Oh noooo! I had a similar issue when creating the URL, because the autofill was extremely unhappy that there was more than 120 characters.

If you need me to upload a folder that has a shorter name so you can actually play please let me know.

Almost thought it was an April fools joke when it said the folder name was too long  x,D

Ran into the same issue. "I Don't Play MMO's" would be a good short folder name though :)

oh! i still got in i just had to change the folder it extracted into.

I thought it was part of the charm of the experience!! haha.


I ran into this issue with the folder name as well.  I extracted the folder from the zip file and the game.exe wouldn't launch.
After I change the folder title that the game.exe and game files its stored in, it launched with no issues.

You  probably want to shorten it yourself just for quality of life.

Sadly same problem! Can not wait to play tho!