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Woo! The first Band hunter Lets Play! Thanks dudes!

Thanks so much for the great feedback - awesome to hear!

Thanks as well for letting us know about the bug where you can wander into the void from the chest. This issue has been fixed in the update we're working on!

Hi there! Thanks for playing, and taking the time to leave a comment.

Glad to hear you had a good time with this little Shroomy game, and that it left you wanting more. Good news - there's more on the way! Not likely to drop anytime soon, but we've been working on a ton of additions and improvement (including fixing the ESC quit issue!) for a future update.

Thanks again!

Maybe worth hearing from another Mac user if works for them. Might be some kind of issue on this end, rather than the build being broken.

Cool to hear you'd be keen to have it at SFA! We're doing a mini arcade in early December and would be great to include this in the lineup!

A great take on the theme - using gameplay as a mataphor for working through these emotional issues was really smart! Also really impressed that you effectively had 3 different games packed into one jam!

Almost had all three levels beat, but things bugged out completely on the wolf level, making it impossible to progress. Prior to that, I did try the level a few times and found it very challenging. Would have been keen to see how things resolved.

High fives for jamming this out!

Couldn't seem to do anything aside from shifting the character around. Was I doing something wrong?

As is, it seems like you ran out of time to get gameplay in (and I'd suggest making that clear to folks if so) but well done for still submitting!

Awesome! Had a great time with this one. I'm also doing a lot of writing these days, so a lot of this hit really close to home, especially the constant "You need to write" in the start.

Really enjoyed the writing and humour across the whole thing. Had a good laugh at the short version - great that you can unlock an ending with only 2 choices! This also felt like an excellent take on the theme! the generative bits were a joy, and feels like something that'd be great to explore further. Well done!

Loved how this one looked. The wallpaper image was especially awesome.

Unfortunately couldn't progress pass the goal. Based on the hint, seemed like I had put the correct code in, but when I hit RUN, it said "executing code" and nothing happened. not sure if I did something wrong, but if so, feels like there should be some feedback to reflect that.

Seems like a n interesting idea, and would be curious to see where it goes! Well done!

Absolutely loved this. The way the visuals and mechanics complimented the narrative was just awesome. The experience overall was deeply moving.

And I found the game play compelling with it's constant choices and surprises with what each image would be. Definitely feels like something that could be expanded on or further explored.

Being such a personal, specific story I didn't feel like there was need for branching narrative or different endings (in fact I think that kind of thing would be a misstep). If you do land up wanting to work on it post jam, I think the addition of audio would add to the emotional resonance of the game.

Overall, this is just a massive win. High fives Natalie!

Tried running the Mac build, but it didn't seem to wanna run on my machine.

From what I can see, art looks awesome, and the concept sounds super fun. Sounds like something that would be a hit in a Super Friendship Arcade!

Our first comment! Thanks Mandy!

Great to hear that you liked the idea for this one. Also appreciate the feedback on not feeling any options resonated with you. Original plan was to have a long list of different takes across multiple categories (like filling in a multiple choice review form). As you guessed, time wasn't on our side and had to simplify the review process.

Would really love to expand on this idea and work it into the full game. Thanks so much for playing, and for the encouraging comment!

Woo! Thanks! Hope you have fun!

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Couldn't get the projected added to the jam in time, but here's the thing we did for SA Game Jam 2022!

Hi! Thanks so much for playing, and for the comment. Really lovely to hear how people are enjoying the game!

Thanks for the suggestion on better explaining the different abilities. You'll be happy to know that we've put together a tool where you can hover over them and will get a description of what they do. Will be in our next update!

Thank you Mushroom! Glad you're excited for the update!

What a lovely little game! High fives!

Another fantastic issue! So honoured to have our sweet baby Freakshow on the cover!

What a wonderful little game! <3

Radical! Thanks for playing, and glad you had such a good time!

Hi! Thanks for your support! Great to hear you love the game!

We'd love to take the game further someday. For now we've been slowly working on a pretty massive update. Loads of new cards on the way! Not looking like it'll be done anytime soon, but please do keep an eye on what we get up to in the future!

Hi there! Thanks so much for playing, and for taking the time to leave this comment - love hearing that some players picked up on those little details!

Hi there!

Sorry to hear you're not able to use paypal. Unfortunately paypal is the only payment service that supports.

Hiya! Thanks for playing!

We would totally have made a save function, but time really wasn't on our side.

Thanks again!

Wooooo! Thank you!!!

Thanks for play, and taking the time to leave a comment! Glad you enjoyed the game so much!

The most perfect, most tiny RPG ever. Thank you!

Hi there! Glad you liked the game enough to add it to

Here are some (new) boss images for you!

Hi there! Thanks for the positive feedback, and for checking in about our future plans.

We have been slowly working away at a very big update to the game. Progress is going very slowly, so don't expect it to drop anytime soon, but we think people are going to love all the new things we're adding.

Right now we don't have plans to bring the game to Steam, but it could definitely happen if we can see there's enough demand for it.

Thanks again!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for making a video to share the experience with people - look forward to watching it!

Hi fives on the first time win! Most people seem to say they think the game is too hard, so you've done well getting a win on your first try.

Hope your future runs will be loads of fun!

Awww, thanks so much for the great feedback! Glad you liked what we've made so far!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it! (Sorry about the O!)

Hi there! Glad you've been enjoying the game, and sorry to hear you're struggling with shields. You're not alone in this, and when we have time we might make a little strategy guide  video for players who are having a tough time.

For now, here are a few tips that might help you out with shields:

  • You only need to apply a single point of damage, or one effect to remove a shield. Focusing on building cards that hit multiple times, or apply multiple effects will help you get through shields fast.
  • Bad breath, toothpicks are great against shields, as are toasties and soups that hit all enemies.
  • Focus your efforts on shield generating enemies to prevent them from buffing everyone.
  • Never let a shield generating enemy escape a combat, or they'll come back to haunt you!

    Hope that helps! Thanks again for playing!

Congratulations on finishing the game, and thanks for playing!

Thanks so much!

Hi there! Thanks so much for the positive feedback! Glad you liked the game!

Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this comment. Glad to hear you liked how things looked!

Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to pass on this awesome feedback! So very stoked that you liked the game so much. We've got some incredibly fun new things on the cards, so watch this space!

Hi Kuma. Thanks for your interest in the game. Unfortunately we're not currently able to make a 32 bit version.

Thanks very much for playing, and for the kind comments.

For shielded enemies, one point of shield will be removed each time an enemy is hit with an attack or debuff. Good luck with them!