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Woo! Thank you so much!

Hi Banana, just confirming you'll have to open the game on a computer if you want to play it - it's not a mobile game.

Please do! You're all doing something very special here!

This is really fantastic! Thanks and high fives to everyone involved!

Hi Banana!

Thanks so much for supporting Snow Cones. I'm really sorry to hear that you're having problems running the game on your side. Hope we can help you figure things out!

Are you trying to play the game on Windows or Mac OS?

Hi GPTV - Thanks for your interest in our little Snow Cones!

This game costs money because we put of a lot of love and effort into it. We love this cute little game and we think it's worth something (even if that's just $3).

Since putting a price tag on our games it's been great to see people supporting us and helping us to start making Team Lazerbeam games full time.

Yo! Just saw that we somehow missed this!

Thanks heaps for taking the time to leave a comment.

How did you do on that plan to make a cute dating sim on that side?

Hi there!

Thanks so much for the kind comment - lovely to hear that you liked the look of our cones! Hope we'll be able to make a third episode in the not too distant future!

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool!

How cool!?!

Surely the all time greatest name for a board game.

Thank you so much! Hope we'll make another one sometime soon!


Luv ya! Appreciate ya!

Woo! Congratulations on being the first person to do a let's play of The Deepest Booze. So stoked to watch this!

Thanks for playing and sharing!

What a lovely little game!

Haha! Thanks so much for the kind words and support, and sorry for any trauma that was caused in searching for it on google!

What an exceptional, wonderful game. Thank you to everyone that worked together to make this emotional roller coaster of a game.

Thanks Arsenal!

Awww, thanks so much for this sweet comment! So nice to hear!

Dan's playthrough really brought this little game a lot of cool fans. Wish he would play Teenage Blob too!

This art style is so cool!

Very cute! You should keep working on it!

This is very cute. Thank you.

Yeah! We love this!

Hi Zhang! Thanks for the interest!

I don't think itch has a way of setting prices for different regions unfortunately, but any payments through PayPal will be automatically converted into your own currency.

Thanks so much for the support! So cool to have someone from the Philippines playing our games!

What a totally great way of translating the music festival into an interactive experience.

Looks great, tunes kick ass and you've got a cellphone for a colourful cast to contact you on. What more could you ask for?

Nice! Hope this little games brings you a lot of joy!

Thanks for playing!

Hi Frau! Yes, Pizza Punx is a totally vegan hot sauce!

Here are the ingredients:

Crushed tomatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

No need to be mad ben100, we'll send you a key for the game!

Hi Gabriel

Sorry to hear you're so mad. That's certainly not something we ever expected to hear from anyone.

Here are a few things that might make you feel better:

1) This game costs money because we put of a lot of love and effort into it. We love this cute little game and we think it's worth something (even if that's just $3).
2) After 5+ years of doing Team Lazerbeam as a passion project, we've taken the plunge to make the band a full time effort. This will allow us to make bigger and better games, but it also means we need the support of players so we can avoid being homeless/ starving.
3)  Above all else we just want people to play our games and feel good for a few minutes. We totally get that some players might be having their own financial struggles, and that the $3 price tag might be beyond their means. Considering this, if you join our mailing list we'll send you 5 of our older games for free. Since you can get Snow Cones 1 and 2 for free, you really shouldn't have to feel mad at all.

Hope this makes you feel less mad, and that going on an ice cream date will make you feel even better!

This is cute! Looks and sounds lovely, and the mechanics are really novel!

I wish I could save all the sheep.

Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know - it really means a lot, and gets us even more excited about making Snow Cones 3!

Thank youuuuu! :D

Awesome! Have fun!

Here you go:


Thanks  so much for taking the time to pass on this encouraging comment - we really appreciate it!

Haha! Best comment for the best video!

We just sent you our sincerest thanks and high fives on youtube. You're awesome - please play all our games forever!

Abiiiiiii! Thank you so very much! You're too awesome!

Hi there!  Thanks so much for this encouraging, kind message! So cool of you to say this!

If you like the weird style of the characters, you'll probably enjoy our older games like Wrestling with Emotions and Snow Cones. Feel free to sign up to our mailer, and we'll send you download keys for them!

Hi Cece!

I think you might have tried to submit your email twice so it gave that message.

We got a confirmation mail that you subscribed to the list successfully. Did you receive our first email with your download key for Snow Cones?