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"Have fun!"

Cute play through! Thanks so much!

Pop pop! So great!

This looks so great! Would love a Mac build, if you could get one together!

Have fun!

thank you! <3

Wow, this was cute as heck! Best mech game ever!

Woah! This is wondeful! You get all the high fives!

Damn, this all sounds so good! Thanks for sharing this little list!

Haha! Thank yooouuuu!

Thanks for the help - very cool of you!

Hope you figured it out!

Thank you!

Thank you Rich! <3

Hope that helps and that you have fun with the game Max!

Hi again Boss!

Sorry to hear about this. I'm not sure what to suggest; after 4+ years on itch, and a few thousand downloads, this is the first time we've heard of someone being unable to run Snow Cones.

Not sure if it'll make a difference, but you could try download the game from Game Jolt and see if that works?

Hi Max. If you wanna download the game, click on the button that says "Download now", then say "No Thanks just take me to the downloads". From there just click the big red "Download" button and Snow Cones will be yours forever! Hope you have fun with it!


:D Thanks James! 
Let us know what you think of SNOW CONES 2


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tHaNk yOu!

Almond! Sorry for the long overdue response - this slipped through the cracks somehow!

Glad you had such a rad time getting down on the dancefloor! Thank you for playing and sharing!

Hi Cinnamon Synonym! Left you a comment on Youtube, but wanted to say thanks again for playing and sharing your excellent moves with The World! Stoked that you had so much fun with this!

Hi DuckieChan! Thanks so much for playing, and for the encouraging feedback! Very glad to hear you had fun with this little game!

Sorry to hear you're struggling with this. Is it an Apple security issue? If so, here's how you can fix that:

Cool! Download it and have fun!

Uh... thank you.

Yeah, what can you do? Play some Minit I guess?

Megafat! OMG - so sorry for this terribly late reply!

Unfortunately, I don't think that paraody game is online anywhere! It wasn't made by Free Lives, but rather Liver Fees, which is Robbie (who really does work for Free Lives) and JW and Kitty (who've done heaps of awesome things, the most recent being Minit). We're honored to have had our game bootlegged by them!

Haha! Thanks so much! What a cool, encouraging message to receive! Very glad that you had such a good time with Snow Cones 2! Check out some of our other games if you're looking for more Lazerbeamy goodness!

So cute! Thanks! We hope to make more too!

You don't need to buy it, it's free! Just click the "Download Now" button. If you do wanna give us some money for the game, that'd be super sweet too! Thanks!

Hi there! The game is available on Mac - just follow the button to download it. Hope you have fun with it!

Haha! That was ace - thank you! Loved your B52s bit!

Thanks H-Tech!

Storms coming. Round up as many doggos as you can and blast into space! ^___^

Ah, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

What a beautiful, heart-felt game! Loved it.

As your first game, this is something to be very proud of, and i hope you'll make many many more games!

Here you go:

So good to hear! Please let us know if you'd like a key for SC2!

Glad to hear it!

Let us know if you're struggling to rustle up those 2$; we'll send you a download key!