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Thanks for the play! Super rad to watch! Love the thumbnail design!
I unfortunately have to inform you that if you are very out of touch with 'cool' if you think a suit made of lettuce is ridiculous.
<3 <3 <3

Ahhh this was such a good lets play! One of my favorites! Awesome character performances! <3 <3
I'd love to see you play our game Dress to Express Dancing Success!

Haha! Bumpin! Thanks for playing and sharing - glad you had fun with this!

Glad to help! Hope you have fun with the game!

Hey, sounds like and admin issue. Does your account have administrative privileges?
Try copying it to your desktop and right click on it and select "Run as Administratot"

Hi hi!

Super sorry to hear you're struggling - trust we'll be able to get WWE up and running on your machine soon.

We're not aware of any bugs or compatability issues that might cause the game to not even launch. Is is just totally unresponsive when you click on it?

Are you using a PC or Mac?

Have you tried re-downloading the game? Maybe something went wrong and the file's incomplete?

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Looking forward to a Mac build :)

Agghhh! You're amazing Abi! Thank you so much! Funds will be put towards buying pizza to sustain us while working on the next game!

Awesome! Hope you enjoy them!

Ah, that's lovely to hear!

Thanks so much for the support!

Looking forward to watching the video!

^__^ Thanks for the support!! We're working on an expansion! Romantic Rumble Edition!

Ben Rausch.

Awesome! On our way to check it out! Thanks for playing and sharing!

Haha! We're totally on the same page! Still need to figure out the details, but the idea is that after making 7 matches you get to participate is an 8 man free for all; The Romance Rumble!

Debuted the first 3 new wrestlers at a festival this past weekend; we're super stoked!

Thanks Kgosi! See you in person soon for some high fives!

Ah, thanks so much fore this awesome feedback Florville! So great to hear how the game resonated with you! We're currently working on an updated version call "Romance Rumble Edition" where we're planning to squeeze even more awesome into this thing!

Thanks for playing and once again for letting us know what you thought!

Did you figure it out?

Thanks dude!

Thanks for playing! Stoked to see your video!

This looks so nice! Please try make a mac build!

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Mission accompilshed!
I've pretty much taken all of my fashion cues this month from Bens character designs.


*Freakshow-sized high fives!*

Oh man! What happened to your channel dude? Hope you're back in action soon!

Thanks SammiiCake!

We'd definitely like to mess around with these mechanics more at some point in the future! But first, more wrestlers, icecreams and giant robots!

Bonus high fives on the ace let's play! We'll let you know when our next thing's out!

Yo! Thanks again for the great let's play! And once again, your thumbnail art is just plain awesome! Is it up on your deviant art? Can we share it?

Thanks so much for playing once again EQ! And thanks for the awesome comment; great to hear you liked the game so much!

Looking forward to watching your playthrough - expect high fives on Youtube!

Woo! On the way to watch it!

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Looks so so so good! Can't wait for that Mac build!

Thanks mrpete! We'll endeavor to make sure future releases are not a bit crazy at times, and rather crazy all the time!

Nice work! These controls really were something!

This is really wonderful! I hope the two of you will get to team up again on more games in the future!

Awesome! Really really love the game!

Ahhh! That was so awesome! I love your fan's comment! :D :D :D

I like this game. A lot.
Never found my partner :'(

The ambiance stopped playing after a minute or two.
Would be cool if it didn't pause when I clicked out of it, since I need to to scroll up.

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Three weeks back, my punk game band Team Lazerbeam released our latest game-baby. Wrestling With Emotions, like most things we seem to make, started out as a joke. We began turning this joke into a game at a little jam in January. We soon became pretty excited about the project, feeling like, despite it's silly origins, it really had something to say. Taking a sledgehammer to the faux-macho exterior of TV wrestling, and smashing it away to it's real homoerotic core, we found ourselves working in a space that not only made us laugh, but left us stoked about the message we'd be getting out there. Fast forward 4 and a half months, and we were, understandably, incredibly excited to launch WWE and get that message out there.

By "launch the game" I mean I drew a poster, and we sent messages about the release to the handful of lovely youtubers who had previously released playthroughs of our last dating simulator - Snow Cones. With no expectations, we stuck the game up on itch.io, did a tweet about it, and left it at that.

In the world of video game launches, our efforts were tiny, but for the three of us this was something of a big deal. In the past, our games landed up online, half-baked, falling apart and tacked together with digital tape. We made no big deal about the fact that Bionic Bliss, Snow Cones or Pizza Quest were out there; these games were primarily made for our own amusement. Honestly, who would give a damn about the release of a game that offers two minutes of gameplay, and three different endings that involve shoving pizza into your face? To our great surprise, those past games did resonate with people. Encouraged by the support we received, and further fueled by our enthusiasm for how WWE was coming together, we set a release date for the game, made the poster, then frantically spent the next few days "finishing" the game off.

Dr Avenging Death Dad

What followed were 2 of the most awesome weeks I've experienced in my brief career as a game developer. On the day of it's release, WWE choke-slammed our (admittedly modest) expectations through the floor and just kept going, day after day. Here are some of the lovely, unexpected things that happened in the last three weeks:

  • Killscreen (easily Team Lazerbeam's favourite video game site) wrote an great article
  • The game was featured on the awesome experimental game platform, Warp Door
  • It landed up on Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Best Free Games Of The Week list.
  • Our exsisting youtube friends were amazing! People like RadiCarl rushed home and played the game on the day of it's release.
  • CinnamonToastKen's let's play amassed more than 67 000 views and directed 244 users to the game's page
  • In total, more than 50 different youtubers released playthroughways of the game.
  • Free Game Planet wrote an insightful piece on the it
  • Thanks to Free Lives and Devolver Digital, the game was played on the main Twitch channel, in the hour leading up to E3. At it's peak this meant that more than 21 000 people were watching Ruan playing WWE. Reactions were as varies as you'd expect from 21 000 different game fans.
  • South African creative showcase between 10and5 covered the game.
  • WWE landed up on the front pages of both itch.io and gamejolt
  • 1288 people downloaded the game from itch
  • 813 got it on Gamejolt
  • 25 people chose to pay for the game on itch! To date it's raked in a staggering $77!

All in, the launch of Wrestling With Emotions was like something out of a dream. We're dumbstruck that the game has been downloaded more than 2000 times, and watched by thousands. We landed up being featured on our favourite sites, totally without any effort from our side. We got to see some awesome youtubers return to The Lazerbeam Universe, and others experience it for the very first time. On the flip side, some new ones discovered us through WWE and even started delving back into our older titles.


Rich, Jay and I are insanely grateful for the support people have shown us. While the game understandably weirded-out and confused some, the amazing thing has been to see how many people totally get what we're doing. Silly and absurd as it is, this game resonated with people and that means The World to us. It's left us really inspired to work on the game further, and have plans to release an expanded "Ultimate Edition" later this year. Past that, we're just ultra-stoked to continue on our Lazerbeam adventure together.


Team Lazerbeam wrestlers

Our hugest thanks to every single person who's been a part of this amazing launch, we can't wait to bring your more!

Team Lazerbeam you're awesome

OMG! Very overdue reply, but thanks so much for this! We just love hearing your voice narrating our games!

Haha! Amazing! Please be sure to pass the news on to IGN!

So glad you had such a god time with the game, and thanks so much for sharing that joy with The World. It's beyond awesome seeing one of our games resonate with people.

Take a look at Snow Cones if you'd like more weird romantic weirdness from us!

This was so great! Thanks so much for playing!

If you'd like some more lazerlove in your life, check out Snow Cones!

We're also working on a pretty beefy update to WWE - will let you know when that happens!

Glad to hear it! Just wanted to make sure; your past videos have been some of our favourite Let's Plays of TLB games!

Keep well dude!