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Can it make and run a game? Yes.

So it's an engine, no need to twist yourself into knots over what's proper and what isn't.

Again, no one's forcing you to use this platform, you can go somewhere else. You might not like it, but without all the gay stuff, itchio probably would have never got off the ground and people that like making these games exist and like using this space. So either get used to it, or maybe you should just leave?

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yeah because someone has a problem with all the gay stuff here and the original post (as well as yours) is phrased in such a way, that it's really hard not to see that the problem actually is the "all the gay stuff" here and not whatever perceived lack of filters you pretend to care about.

I'd like to submit my game Splinter Zone to the bundle:

yeah, no chance. If you have an issue with all the gay stuff, go somewhere else. Most of the world doesn't have nearly enough of it.

Have you tried not being a bigot? I heard that helps with being annoyed at all the gay stuff.


Unfortunately not, sorry. To be honest I never thought about this and also I wouldn't be comfortable with distributing these, since the agreement with Artist was that she gets to sell/distribute the image on her own, while I can use it for promotional purposes.


I'm a bit confused about the way itchio handles email addresses and a creator's ability to send emails to people who bought/own your work.

Under the Payments tab in your Dashboard, it is clearly stated that you're not allowed to use the adresses listed their for any other purpose than to clear support issues regarding payments and that under no circumstances are you allowed to add these addresses to any kind of mailing lists, without their explicit consent.

What confuses me, is that under the "Interact" tab of any specific project, you have the option to send out emails about basically anything, to everyone who owns your game.  How exactly is that different from just using the email addresses you see under the Payments tab?

To be clear, I don't want to use these, I just would like some clarification about the difference and where and how users are asked to opt into being added to this lists.

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I know itchio's way of handling game ratings is a bit different than, say Steam and that user reviews in that sense aren't really all that visible over here. I also appreciate the fact that people go out of their way to rate games here, especially those like mine that usually don't get a lot of attention. I also want to stress that I'm absolutely okay with you rating this game, please do so, especially if you liked it!

However, the game's forum is a not a good space to post user reviews, especially if each of them is its seperate topic, so please refrain from posting them in here and understand that even though I really appreciate constructive feedback and nice words about my game, I'm going to lock and hide any user reviews that are posted here.

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I'm pretty sure your game is good enough to be part of any project.

I don't have a game in this project, but I'm just so dissapointed how this has developed. For me, something like Meditations should first and foremost be a celebration of the people who contributed their time and energy to create the games that are in it.

Looking at it from the outside, I can't shake the feeling that for the organisers it seemed more important to have a nice  and sleek product to present to consumers, while the feelings of the contributors themselves weren't regarded at all.

I'm really sorry, for anyone who contributed and who in the end felt like their work didn't matter, because it does matter.