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Apologies for using this for a rules question, but I want to play a Summoner and I have some issues understanding how binding actually works.

Are there any specific rules as to when bound spirits are released and how binding new spirits is supposed to work, or is this meant to be up to each group's discretion? Right now I just assume that they are released when all of the power is spent, but I have no idea how the re-binding(?) is supposed to work.

Aside from that, I'm a big fan of the game! Finally managed to get a campaign off the ground last year and it's a real blast.

Bound spirits are released when they run out of Power typically, but you can also willingly release them. They might break your binding early if you give them reason to, but that's a narrative thing. Re-binding them would work the same as bdinging them to begin with; if they're willing to work with you, or you can force them into it somehow, you just assign them Power again.


thanks for the clarification!