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Thanks so much for playing, Cyberwolf! I'm one of the artists for SCUBA and I wanted to say I was really entertained by your video.

While it was really amusing to watch you yell at your guns ;) you make a super good point about the target priorities! There's a lot we didn't get to in the 48 game jam but I'll try and see if we can move this fix up on the priority list.

Thanks again for playing!

Hey Coconut, thanks so much for playing our game and even putting up a video of it! It's crazy how far you got!
I have a friend who got pretty deep too and noticed an issue that happens when you have as many blocks as you did in the video, so I think we'll check that out soon and try and get it fixed up.

Thanks again for playing and giving us feedback!

I'm glad I got to play this during the jam. Love the art and the animation!

This game is chaos. But the goofy, fun kind!

I like your character model and the flat color style! I'm interested to see where the gameplay would go if you kept at it.

Really charming sprite work, and fun little levels to hop around in. I got to the wind fairy! Maybe some of the issues with getting hit by off-screen enemies could be helped by having a larger visible area ahead of where the player's walking?

Thanks! Glad to be here! :) I dig lots of different kinds of styles, but pixels are so fun and approachable. And a little pragmatic for quick asset development too, I suppose. ;)

I love these damn robots! Your game looks adorable, and I'm sure you'll do more awesome stuff. :D

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Hey! I'm Kevin, I've done all kinds of game art, but mostly pixel art. I provided stuff for Starbound as a contributor -- the Synthesizer's armor was my design originally, as were some of the weapons. Besides that, I've done illustration, I'm not bad with scripting, and I like food and I play a liiiittle bit of piano.

Now I'm experimenting with making games all on my own. It's kind of hard, but it's a lot of fun! Thanks for being here and having awesome jams, itch. :)

Hey! Got here from TIGSource, but wanted to say...interested in the mechanics! Kinda like the art style too. Like has been said, I just think the mechanics need to be tuned up and tested more, but you could have something really fun on your hands here.