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Team Building Sticky

A topic by Title_Pending created Apr 13, 2016 Views: 816 Replies: 19
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Hey all,

Lone wolves are also welcomed; however, some people may want to join a team. So, I think the best way is to state your skills and what you want to do.

For example,

Hello to all the fellow Game Jammers. I'm new to game jamming and I'm a budding game programmer willing to learn and make some games!

With that said what type of programs are we thinking of using? Unity? Maya? and what programming language? C#? JS? I'm personally learning unity myself but I'm open to using anything!

I can do 2D Graphics.
I use Construct2 for most of my programming.
I can edit and write stories as well so Twine is an option.

I also prefer 2D as I'm still learning lots of new things. I'll check out construct2 when I get home. Unity can also do really good 2D.

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My last gamejam game was in Unity, but I wasn't the coder, I was the artist becuase I'm not the best with C#. Superpowers intrigues me becuase it's an HTML5 game egine.

Ahh HTML5. That is something I don't have much experience in. But that is good because I can learn. I prefer unity 2D but like I said I'm open for anything! Also I don't think you have to do much coding if at all if you just do art. But it depends on what you want to do.

Sound Designer here looking for a team!

Never done a jam before, but I'm no stranger to game development or sound design (been doing QA on AAA games for 8+ years and have a formal education in audio).

Check out my website here:

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This is a really cool demo, but so far no one has been interested in team ups on twitter. I will post on Facebook with your demo real in a local group and so on. We are going to do "pitches" for game ideas in about 3 weeks or so. These pitches will help people decide to join your idea or team. So if you have an idea in mind for a fairytale, start fleshing out roughly what it is.


I would like to participate I would prefer to join a team, I would like to do music.

But if for some reason my sprite work or 3d work is more needed then you can also contact me.

I have no problem letting the game be hosted on someone elses server.

Hey, sorry about not posting this sooner (things have been a lot more hectic than I expected over the last few months)

Anyway, I've only worked with 2D using RPG Maker (I own pretty much all the official translated ones) and have pretty good editing skills when it comes to assets (I've pretty much taught myself Photoshop at this point) I'm also a fairly decent writer if needed.

I also know at least basic coding syntax for a few different languages (not enough to actually code anything myself yet, but I've gotten fairly good at at least being able to read and edit scripts if I have to) The only major hitch I can think of is Unity doesn't run very well on my computer (if any team that might want me wants to use that) but I could probably find a way around that.

Hello everyone,

I'm Michael and I've created some simple games using BGE and Unity in the past, for game jams are just for the sake of it. But for this jam I was thinking to test open-sourced GODOT engine. I still have 2 days to choose and come up with the idea of the game.

I don't know coding, just basics. I'm a game designer with strong drive and versatile skills. Have a good PC and several devices for testing.

I'm planning to use my entry and whole game jams experience as a case-study article on the blog I'm running.

I'd be happy to get PM from alone writer/programmer/artist looking for a duet.

Wish you all good storytelling,

and see you around :)


@lemongreen I here that. Hey all, I'm going to post this video under Week 1 Pitches and Brain Storming as well. I think making short pitches can bring people into teams if wanted, if not some cool projects maybe can come from talking about pitches.

Deleted 3 years ago

Hey have to start somewhere. Looking forward either to your glorious game or glorious wreck of a game :D

Hey, sweeties, I'll be a lone cat wolf for this ride because of time management. Even if I'm able to prepare something, I don't want my schedule to interfere with your creations. I'm really, really looking forward to see what can be done throughout this month. Cheers and jam!

I'll be another lone wolf I guess, because of the same reason as Gat de Soia. My schedule is all sorts of crazy, and I don't want to disappoint anyone. I'll be using Unity (2D) with C#. I wish the best of luck for everyone participating!


Yet another lone wolf here! I'm a writer and sometimes-artist, and I'll be making a short visual novel in Ren'py. I also have a pretty erratic schedule that makes it best for me to work alone, but I hope that everything works out for anyone looking for a team. I'm so excited to see everyone's games at the end of the month! Best of luck!


Ha ha, cool. Looking forward to playing your game. ;)

Hey everyone!

I'm a little late to the party but I'm definitely interested in getting something put together for this game jam. I'm currently thinking of going with a topdown space shooter based on Sleeping Beauty. Here are the main story points:

  • Earth develops a single faster than light (FTL) spaceship, known as the Zero Point Princess
  • Just before the maiden voyage the lead researchers gather together for a panel discussion with the public
  • One researcher had been fired a few weeks before due to arguments with upper management, so when he broadcasts an unexpected message to the panel from his lunar base, Port Aurora, it causes quite a stir
  • Turns out the disgruntled researcher decided to add a computer virus which immediately and incorrectly activates the Zero Point Princess's drive, creating a time-bubble around the entire planet earth
  • Disgruntled researcher then set up automated drones and defense mechanisms from Port Aurora to stop anyone from reaching earth and saving the world
  • Gameplay is a ship trying to blast their way through all the automated defenses to reach the Zero Point Princess and de-activate the time bubble.
I haven't started development work on it yet, and I think there are actually a few different directions this could go (make an RPG, probably with RPG Maker instead?). If anyone is interested in working together I'd be happy to team up!

It's an interesting idea. I can see music people could program beats to go with the action.
I suggest construct 2 SuperPowers or Unity 3D as those are easy engines to use. C2 needs no hard core programing or coding, so depends on how what programing skills you have to make that decision.
RPG maker could work, but not my cup of tee for anything action.

GameMaker Studio is another platform that's pretty easy to use for 2D games. Personally though I don't think learning a new system while working against a deadline is the best of ideas; you may want to stick to what you know - unless you want to take that as a challenge to overcome.

Deleted 4 years ago

LOL, I feel for you as, the baby came a week early, but I'll have something show... may be.

Still I'm glad you learned some new things and a lot of stuff sounds cool.
However, I'm concerned with the idea of finishing the game later-- to be honest, I've never finished a game like that when I say that.
Thus, I suggest you make a game with one of those systems you learned next month.
Or, if this game is so large, every month, make one level of the game using the systems you've learned.
So, what can I do to help?


One more thing-- this helped kick me in the nads to keep going ;)