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Hey everyone!

I'm a little late to the party but I'm definitely interested in getting something put together for this game jam. I'm currently thinking of going with a topdown space shooter based on Sleeping Beauty. Here are the main story points:

  • Earth develops a single faster than light (FTL) spaceship, known as the Zero Point Princess
  • Just before the maiden voyage the lead researchers gather together for a panel discussion with the public
  • One researcher had been fired a few weeks before due to arguments with upper management, so when he broadcasts an unexpected message to the panel from his lunar base, Port Aurora, it causes quite a stir
  • Turns out the disgruntled researcher decided to add a computer virus which immediately and incorrectly activates the Zero Point Princess's drive, creating a time-bubble around the entire planet earth
  • Disgruntled researcher then set up automated drones and defense mechanisms from Port Aurora to stop anyone from reaching earth and saving the world
  • Gameplay is a ship trying to blast their way through all the automated defenses to reach the Zero Point Princess and de-activate the time bubble.
I haven't started development work on it yet, and I think there are actually a few different directions this could go (make an RPG, probably with RPG Maker instead?). If anyone is interested in working together I'd be happy to team up!